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The Best Non IIMs

By: Jessica Mohapatra

Hello Everyone,I am an Alumni of 2015 batch and erstwhile member of CET Rising ,I have always felt that the coaching centres in Bhubaneswar are no doubt studded with good faculty(maybe) but they do not really give a lot of knowledge about life beyond IIMs, even as a college student I had faced the same dilemma of little knowledge about the various other colleges apart from IIMs so here I am sharing bits and pieces of the research work that I had done while doing a job in Kolkata and am hopeful(I really do hope) that it will help some other confused soul like me ,that there are definitely colleges beyond IIMs that are if not better but at par with some of the IIMs,be sure to apply for some of them as per your interest , here they are:

1.This is solely my research and observation, and has no intention to hurt anyone(living or dead)
2.Since I am interested in marketing you can find several references to marketing
3.This list is not rank wise or categorized in any way,the listing is random,  as that depends on your interest and preference.)

And General management is 2nd year you get to choose your specialisation.

FMS(Delhi): FMS is undoubtedly one of the best institutes in the country that comes directly after or sometimes even at par with IIM A,B,C (though the rankings can vary),it is one of the best in general management and also marketing with the only disadvantage being that it does not have a hostel but that does not take anything away from this college as it has an amazing ROI(Return on Investment :that is less fess but higher placements), FMS offers an MBA degree(not PGDM) and (beware) you need an extremely high percentile to even get a call for this college.

Bidusmita Sahoo,FMS passout ,CET batch of 2013

XLRI(Jamshedpur): This is the college that is a dream college for many.The college that is the best in India for it’s HRM (human resource program) but not many know that BM(business management )here is excellent too. Though the business management programme has been going strong for four decades, even today many perceive the HR programme to be XLRI’s forte. XLRI has an excellent campus life too.

Little Jena,XLRI 1st yr CET 2016

TISS(Mumbai): A contemporary of XLRI in the field of HR,the TISS HRM(Mumbai) program is also considered the best in the country by many as there is 2years of HR studies only and also a total of five internships (usually it is one)that makes you an expert the moment you step out of college.The disadvantage is 1st year there is no hostel facilities but the advantage outweighs the disadvantages : it has less fees(only close to 4L) and batch strength is less (close to 60)and an excellent ROI .


ISB Hyderabad:This is a premier college that takes solely through GMAT but for this college you need atleast 2 years of work experience This college makes you a master of business in a global scenario. 

IIT Bombay:(Surprise!!)This college is a haven(heaven too) for Engineers as it is a college that makes it compulsory for you to have a 4year degree(as opposed to 3yr criterion),This college has a very high cutoff which makes it very difficult to get through,Many FMCD companies (like engineering companies)visit this campus for placements.You get the IIT tag too and a good ROI.


NITIE(Mumbai):Want to do Supply chain management and operations,then don’t think beyond NITIE as it is the best for this,Good news is there is no engineer vs non engineer discrimination (as there are only engineers here ).This also requires a very high cutoff and is a premier college.

Ashiya Bhuyan,NITIE 1st yr,CET 2016

MDI(Gurgaon): MDI was the first Indian Business School and second in Asia to be accredited by AMBA (Association of MBAs London). Well organized exchange programmes ensure that regular PGP students get an opportunity to spend a term abroad. Excellent for general management. An equal number of international students from as many as 48 B-Schools spend a term in MDI. This makes the experience at MDI truly international.

Exam :CAT

SP JAIN(Mumbai):One of the best for general management and what makes it tougher for some and easier for others at the same time is that it is profile and percentile based ,profile takes into account your X,XII,CGPA,extra curriculars,work ex etc.


IIFT(Delhi):One of the best in the field of International Business. Needless to say, there is no institute beyond IIFT when it comes to curriculum in foreign trade which apart from regular domains like finance, marketing, strategy, operations and systems provides an additional domain to specialize in. Delhi and Kolkata have common placements.

Exam:IIFT exam

MICA(Ahmedabad):It is the present Mecca of  marketing where you are taught marketing for 2 years(if marketing is your interest,this is the place to be),it gives you excellent profiles in marketing management from the very starting.It is the the best for strategic marketing ,communication,advertising and media management in all over India.It focuses on creative aspects of marketing too and storytelling to make the product history really interesting for the consumer.

Shraddha Singhania,MICA 2nd yr ,CET 2012

IIT Delhi: It is very difficult to get through and has location advantage. It also has a lot of FMCD companies visiting during placements ,this too gives preferences to engineers and also the coveted IIT tag.It is good for general management.


JBIMS(Mumbai):It is very good for finance and has a location advantage but the disadvantage is heavy maharasthra quota that leaves very few seats for everyone else.It had an unrealistic percentile for the others this time .

Exam:CAT/Mah CET

NMIMS(Mumbai):It is also one of the best for general management especially Finance but it has a huge batch strength and no in-campus  hostel facilities that can sometimes be a disadvantage otherwise it is excellent as an Institute.


SIBM(Pune):An old and reputed institute,better at marketing but mostly offers sales in FMCG and FMCD sectors.It has an excellent campus life with very good infrastructure.They offer MBA not PGDM.


SCMHRD(Pune):The 3rd best for HR in the country (after XL and TISS),even in marketing(mostly sales)it is doing well now though SIBM is better with FMCG companies,It has a Strategic location and is growing fast ,They offer an MBA.(PS:Sona Mohapatra was also an alumni here)

Anirban Pati,SCMHRD 1st yr,CET 2016

XIMB(Bhubaneswar):No introductions required ..after all XIMB is XIMB.It is one of the only colleges that allows you to take a major and minor,The faculty is unmatched for, slightly locational disadvantage but remember Bhubaneswar is now a smart city and is growing quick, marketing is mostly sales and tech consulting,quite good for finance, overall an excellent college be it BM or HR.
Has a good brand name too.XIMB offers an MBA degree.
Priyambada Chowdhury,XIMB passout,CET2014
Soumya Prakash Swain,XIMB 2nd yr,CET 2015

        (PS XIMB hamara personal favourite hai afterall!!)                                                      

IIT Kharagpur: This also has many FMCD companies for placements ,has the IIT brand value, good for general management and prefers engineers.


IMT Ghaziabad:One of the oldest institute but still is reputed, though it requires a lower CAT percentile is still excellent,It is still very good for marketing but  the  huge batch strength becomes a problem.It offers general management.


IRMA(Anand,Gujarat):The best for rural management as a heavy percentage of India still resides in Rural heartlands ,the rural handicrafts need to be promoted ,retail management introduced too,It is very promising and is set up by Amul founders .


I would like to thank all my lovely seniors,batch-mates and juniors for giving me their  photos even out of their busy schedules and for helping me complete this article,there are many other brilliant students from CET in these institutions but I might have missed out on them only because of shortage of time  or even my lack of awareness(Sorry about that it was purely non intentional).The pictures are there only to make you aware that we have alumni in these prestigious colleges too. The purpose of this article was just to educate and not compare the B schools in anyway.


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  2. IIMs are not the only way forward. Just broaden up the view.. There is a lot more for you ..
    Great initiative Jessica di !!!

  3. I guess some of current student are left. Like amitabh (though he is in iift) swaraj (in sibm, pune), and many more.. so kindly update these things.

  4. Hey @pradipta, I am at MDI, Gurgaon. Chose that over IIFT D. :)

  5. Yes,there is life beyond IIMS.JRD Tata ne thodi na MBA kiya tha!!