Saturday, 11 June 2016

That Old Dusty Box...

By: Team PenTastic

[ By: Amruta Kar (1st Year, F & AT) ]

It was a late summer afternoon, I was in my attic.
As I was finding some stuff, I came across an old dusty big box.
"Belongings" it said.

I opened it-

As I opened it, a flashback of antique memories rushes in front of me.
Yeah, that box contained belongings of my childhood days.

As I move my hands inside, the first thing that I saw was my dolls. Some wrecked, some still beautiful. Each of them depicted some story...Stories which had happy ending. 
The fairy tale kind, not the reality kind.

Oh..That Contrast!

Next, I found were my dresses, quirky clips and all those girly stuff, (Grins)
Destroyed makeup stuffs!  Yeah, it was my mum's. You know that feeling in childhood, especially girls, your first ever makeup experience-
“Experimenting stuff”. 
Destroying those lipsticks and then hide it somewhere. So, that no scolding. Even though sometimes scolding was bombarding but papa was always there to protect. You know daddy's girl after all.

Cheers to those carefree days.

Next I found were my lower class's books, copies, report cards. And then chains of memories. The first day of school in nursery to that confident girl in tenth grade, from first scolding from the teacher to pampers by papa when I sobbed. And the never ending report card controversies-
Showering vows to my parents that I'll do well next time.


Then last but not the least-
Old photographs!

One by one I was flipping through the albums. Family photos, my first birthday, cousins and of course class photos. But then I found a small baby photo of mine. I looked at it for a second. All I could sum up was the change. The contrast!    From soft to being cold. How things were different that time. No deep thinking, no guilt, only fun. Maybe it’s all transitions-

Transitions of time I would say.
Or maybe it indicates that changes are permanent.

But finally sticking to one word, it’s called "growing".

Yeah that's what it is. We grow and so, does our thought process.
All I want to say to "that old dusty box" you're a treasure which contains my    childhood. Precious than any gold. So, please keep it safe with you.

**Nothing more to explain**

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  1. Really nice & awesome story...also made me remember my old memories too...thnx