Saturday, 18 June 2016


By: Team PenTastic

“Grandma is no more!”A sobbing voice made over phone. In a moment all the memories of her came rushing down to my mind. Her affectionate touch, her gentle voice, her lovely face! She had found solace, found her God. They said “it is a good thing that she breathed her last without any sufferings of old age.” Yet, she left all of us! How was I supposed to be just ok with it?
After her cremation and all holy rituals were performed, we were to stay at our village itself for another ten days. Starting from her chair, to the threshold, to the hand pump, to the temple; every single thing reminded of her! How was I supposed to bear with it? Papa told me to go out and take a walk around the village. I was very reluctant at the beginning, as I didn’t want to see or talk to anybody about our loss. But at last, I did!
I had taken a few steps when I started seeing faces. Some known, mostly unknown. I kept walking, when a lady walked up to me and asked unsurely...”kalia’s daughter?” I nodded. She smiled as I folded my hands into namaskara. She kept gazing for a long time and then ran her hands over my face. I wondered, what made her so happy. After exchange of a few pleasantries, I asked for her leave. She held my hands and insisted that I must come to her house, it was nearby. How could I flatly tell a “NO” to an elderly lady? So, I went along with her.
On the way she started to explain how difficult times had dawned upon her family. She showed me the fields where she worked, proudly acclaiming that the harvest was very good as she toiled so hard.
The sun began to set, making the sky his crimson and red. Below it extended the never ending fields. The fields which were the hopes and aspirations of my entire village. As I stood there, oscillating between my thoughts and the astounding beauty of nature, her faint voice brought me back to the mundane world. “My Mina would have been of your age, if she were alive.” She uttered with difficulty. A trail of tears found its way down from her eyes. She managed to speak another word that described the entire story, “CANCER”. I didn’t know what to speak. I wrapped her in my arms as she continued to sob. 

How strange this life is! I was mourning my grandma, but she had come to terms with the loss of her young girl. Whilst grandma lived a life of riches full of hospitality until the very end; she had no money to save her daughter. “DEATH, the inevitable is impartial!” She got up, wiped away her tears and told “My husband would be pleased to see you, come!”

We stopped at the wooden gates of a small brick house, partially in ruins. She got in and hastily started cleaning a chair for me; smiling widely she started to fan me with a paper and wiped away my sweat with her saree. No palace, no five star hotels can provide this warm a welcome!

Out came an old man, barely able to walk. He looked at me and a faint smile broke across his wrinkled face. He kept his hands on my head and kept showering blessings! Little did I understand those words, but they were words of love, any deaf would make that out. Yet, he loved me...and wished me good; without a reason. I was seized by his innocent affection; that knew no boundaries, no strangers! His lips curled up into a smile, his hands traced my face. He was content to see an unknown face. I would never know why! “Wont’ you visit me again?” he asked while seeing me off. I nodded and started walking back. That simple an expectation he had, that I would visit him again!

I couldn’t stop the tears that rolled down. Surely they don’t have money, but they have something no money can buy...a loving heart. As I reached home, lost in introspection, questioning worldly wealth and fear in loss, I needed a vent to all my chained emotions. I grabbed any notepad and began to pen.......


  1. waaay to go, gal! _/\_ :)
    Sheer Beauty!

  2. Beautifully portrayed. Keep writing. It felt like I was walking along with you.