Monday, 23 May 2016

It’s About Time

 It is time to move on,
To be strong from now on.
To look ahead of the sweet memories,
To do more than satisfactory…

It’s all about time,
That holds you back, all the while.
The time, which seemed perfect,
All being good, right and left.

With time, the memories shouldn’t be bitter,
Rather, we prompt ourselves to be better!
It’s about what we choose and prefer,
No matter what, things will change for better.

With time, every broken heart gets healed,
Depression fades away, Elation we yield!
Every old pal loses touch, distances away,
And a new person is welcomed, someday.

With time, every mistake is forgiven,
And a new set of miseries keep us driven.
As, of a coin, there are always 2 faces,
So the change is what, Time promises.

With time, every failure is followed by victory,
Every incomplete story is completed by somebody.
Every dark night is followed by a bright day,
Circumstances change, come what may.

With time, the pattern of events continues,
With time, we learn something new.
For, it’s all about time!
And how we deal, all the while…


  1. Time does heal all wounds. We tend to think every time, "This time I won't be able to move on. This time there is no escape. This time the hurt is permanent. I'm going to have to live with it forever."
    But there comes a day when we wake up feeling fresh and light and happy for no reason and we know as the day progresses that Time has done its work. :)

    1. Oyye! Thankiee... I m so glad that you are reading dese. And replying to it. N yeah you are ryt. Time is the best healer. πŸ˜ƒ