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Xtasy 2k16: Rendezvous with the hosts (Part 3)

By: Team PenTastic
The people who converted the Xtastic evenings into success stories had to be inherently cool entertainers by sheer logic. It takes more than a teensy bit of presence of mind to calm-a-sutrafy a restless crowd. And judging from the reverberating claps and whistles, you can safely bet on the anchors pulling it off perfectly.

SIDHANT:   So Komal, you have been on stage on numerous occasions..we can rather call you a veteran. So how was anchoring in Xtasy different as compared to your past experiences?

KOMAL:   A veteran? Wow, I am liking this interview already. Well, to answer you, calling Xtasy'16 different than any other fest that happened in CET is an obvious fact. Xtasy was never this grand. This is better. Each year the level is going high. And so is the talent of every CETian. To stand and address to such a lovely gathering was a proud moment for me. The audience was large. It was a testing job for all the anchors. Each one of us has tried and so have I. I cannot be happier.

SIDHANT:   Well,That's great..so is it something that comes natural? Because as an anchor you need to be ready for impromptu events as there is a lot of hustle bustle going on! How do you keep calm under such situations?

KOMAL:   Well certainly the first requirement that is needed is keeping your cool. Because standing on the stage, holding your microphone with every ears and eyes tracking you, you can't lose your temper and speak something undesired. Plus the whole college's reputation is at stake. Losing your brains out there, I thing would be the worst step to be taken. Yes, there are numerous last minute changes but what can I say? That's how a fest functions. It's not always rainbows and butterflies. (winks)

Meanwhile she asks "Am I coming out to be too serious?"

Even though I know she did..I choose not to disclose it and instead reply "Not at all,Lady"

SIDHANT:   What do you think? Was Perception a tougher experience or Xtasy? Which Fest is your favourite?

KOMAL:   Definitely Xtasy. during Perception I was only the anchor and a spectator whereas during Xtasy I got to work not only as an anchor but I also worked with the Team Xtasy. Amazing people. Great Coordination, Xtasy gave me memories I am going to cherish for a very long time. Perception was equally good. But Xtasy had so much glam. Glitters!

SIDHANT:   Okay, So..as a coordinator now, you do have a rough idea on what it takes to organise such events. For instance, a commoner standing in the crowd is unaware of it and starts grumbling on the delay, how do you handle the situation?

KOMAL:   First of all, I would ask him to calm down. I mean it's Obvious, he having no idea how much trouble each one of us has been through will go nuts for the delays. I try to give him my sweetest speech on how a fest is organized. But I am not known for being sweet. So obviously, I'll fail. So let's just ignore him and proceed.

SIDHANT:  Okay, So here's this..Let's end the interview with a quick rapid fire. Favourite event in Xtasy?

KOMAL:   Blind Date

SIDHANT:  Apart from Your event...

KOMAL:   Blind Date wasn't my Event... Do Your Homework

(A minute's silence for my ignorance)

SIDHANT:  DJ night at Perception vs Xtasy

KOMAL:   Xtasy!!!!

SIDHANT:   A person you never had as a co-anchor but want to work with...

KOMAL:   I think Raman...

SIDHANT:   Favourite co-Anchor....

KOMAL:   Smart...It would be You..but you see I am known for sarcasm..

SIDHANT:  I don't care..I am Your favourite..

As for Ms. Tejass vitta, she is better known as the veteran in the art of elocution, acclaimed and loved by the spectators and the stage alike. So for one final time, she decided to take the audience by storm.
As for Suraj Kumar Rout, he has wowed the college with his singing and acting skills time and again. This Xtasy, he added one more feather to his cap with a stunner of a display as an anchor.

ANSHUMAN: Although the resounding claps said it all, let's hear it from the faces behind it.
So guys, how was your experience being the hosts during Xtasy?

TEJASS VITTAA: Being a host is always challenging and crazy! Because most of the time you need to double up as stage managers making sure that the events run smoothly. Since I was anchoring on the opening day of Xtasy, confusion was abound! But at the same time it's also madness, fun and an eye opener in disaster management *winks*

SURAJ: It is always delightful to hear crowds shouting with spirited joy when you get on the stage. Being the host in Xtasy was nice, challenging at times also. I was perhaps few of the ones who were anchoring informally in Odiya; and though my slot was brief yet it was full of vigor and excitement. The crowd wanted me to be funny, informal and interactive as usual and perhaps I was able to deliver it. I am glad about it.

POOJA: Well, that's the mark of a true performer, ain't that? Events like these running as smooth as butter is nothing but a myth. So, what were the hurdles you two faced?

TEJASS VITTAA: Hurdles were numerous. But at the same time, inevitable when organizing a function of such grandeur. Even though the events couldn't be played in order, the wit and preparedness of all the backstage organizers helped sail through! Things were so crazy that me and my anchoring partner Suraj couldn't anchor even once together! Most of the time either I was onstage putting in fillers and he scrambling to get the act ready or vice-versa. *laughs it off*

SURAJ: The first hurdle that I faced was when there was a sudden pre-pone of my slot of anchoring on the first day itself due to the expected Indian standard time consciousness of our esteemed ministers. My slot was at 8:00 pm but suddenly I got a call from Anirban bhaiya that I needed to be on stage at 6:15 pm. I was literally lying haplessly in the hostel, dozing off for a while on my bed. Suddenly, I jumped into my next roomie’s jeans and my T-shirt and of course my new Blazer and ran to the stage. I had no demo rehearsals with my co-anchor beforehand and now we had to give the final shot on the stage itself. We brainstormed for 600 seconds literally and jumped onto the floodlights. Then whatever happened can be better judged by you people. I need not speak more about it.

ANSHUMAN: They say, "Change is the only constant". So, what changes made the entertainment quotient of this year's Xtasy different and if I’m not mistaken, higher as compared to last year?? *winks*

TEJASS VITTAA: More or less, Xtasy to me this year felt like last year's. But subtle changes were obviously there like better decoration! I just wished we could have had more of a gala time by having DJ on all three days. Just wishful thinking. *sighs dramatically* :P

SURAJ: This time Xtasy was big, in fact grand. There were a lot of participations from the other colleges too. The crowd was in bulk and responsive too. The high note show was “Darshan nite” in the ultimate evening. The cultural events were quite popular than its yesteryear versions. The prize moneys were also luring and seducing. *winks*

POOJA: Okay, so many highs make it kind of obvious but did you enjoy your part in the cultural fest?

TEJASS VITTAA: I have a mixed reaction to this question! Yes and no. I think events in the day time weren't really a crowd puller except maybe the salsa workshop or nukkad natak. And this time I was all set out to participate and engage in varied competitions. So maybe in that aspect I was a bit dissatisfied. But the evenings compensated. I had fun dressing up, taking photos and dancing with my friends! :D EDM night rocked. Darshan Raval was really cute! Though I couldn't help wishing he would sing more of dance tracks than love ballads :P

SURAJ: Yes, I enjoyed a lot my part in the fest as an anchor, event co-ordinator of street play competition and of course as a participant in theatre and music events. We won the street play competition on the final day, which was glorious. And the best part was when as a result of the theatre competition finals, where few of our Amuzians were selected by the judge to join his theatre group and perform round the state at major events.

ANSHUMAN: *bows ceremoniously* Sounds like a man who's born to claim the stage. Anyway, how do you both think will the cult fest be in the coming years?

TEJASS VITTAA: The cult fest each year sometimes has a rising curve and a falling curve! It depends on the management and zeal of the organizing committee. A lot of it also rests on luck. This year's Xtasy certainly had its moments. And I feel the juniors learn a lot by helping us or even just by being the audience. Such experiences helps them to avoid making the same mistakes the year they get to organize. So it's a slow and continuous process by which Xtasy one day will be the biggest fests in East India.

SURAJ: I am expecting the cult fest to grow more and more in quantum and caliber in the next years. The potential that the fest this time exhibited before us is a transparent ultimatum of what is going to be next. I feel in the coming years, Xtasy would be more outreaching, popular and would smack an indelible mark in the heart of everyone of us. Kyun ki agle saal toh apni chalegi ;)

POOJA: Phainaal, phainaal guys. For the last question of the day, how would you rate this year's Xtasy as compared to the fests of the past years and how precious and important has this journey been?

TEJASSVITTAA: This year's Xtasy was really good compared to the previous years. Maybe I am just teeny bit partial :D *grins* And yes, for the second one, a very spot on question! Gosh I feel old. It's really coming to an end. I am all emo right now! Ohkay however the xtasy is, it's close to my heart because it’s my college's fest. I enjoy it every year because not only is it 3 days of sheer mayhem and fun, it's a learning experience for life! I am going miss all the organizing and anchoring of all these years. There is nothing more energetic than the spirit and zeal of a college crowd. And I will never ever forget all the cheer and shout-outs I get while I am on stage. That sure is an incomparable feeling. Xtasy, you will be missed!
Xoxo, Tejassvittaa

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