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Sannidhya 2K16

By: Team PenTastic

The Civil Engineering Society provides an exclusive and effective platform for learning, exploring, sharing and analysing various ideas and knowledge and invoke inquisitiveness and interest among the students for research and innovation in the field of Civil Engineering and also intends to create opportunities for students to enrich and discover their potential by guiding them towards new technologies and preparing them for out-of-the-box thinking to face the real world challenges. For these intents and purposes, the Civil Engineering Society instituted Sannidhya, the annual Civil Tech fest of CET.

Sannidhya is one of the most awaited events of our college every year. It is a three day extravaganza of talent, skills, learning and loads of fun, a huge prize money at stake, goodies to be won and participation certificates for all. Since its inception in 2004, Sannidhya has achieved great success in discovering new talent. The objective of Sannidhya is not only confined to the fest and celebrations; its objective is to welcome new ideas, innovations and build a network between the different aspects of civil engineering from different corners. It is exclusive for the students of Civil Engineering, but students of different branches can also participate in certain events.

Though the fest has been held every year for the past 10-15 years, this time it was held on a very large scale. The Civi Fest started with a Civil Engineering Department alumni meet on the 27th of March. It was marked with the guest talk by Dr. N.C Pal, the Executive Engineer of Water Resources, Government of Odisha, who is an alumni of the first batch of CET. The agenda was to improve departmental activities and placements.

Then the 3 day series of events began from the 29th of March. There was a plethora of technical and fun events, guest talks and workshops by eminent personalities.

The events were as follows:


The flagship event of Sannidhya, it tested the knowledge and understanding of the contestants related to Civil Engineering. It had a variety of rounds giving a free rein to the minds of the participants. It was targeted to test the intellectual prowess of the teams. The coordinators were Vamshi Krishna, Abhisek Rout, Ashutosh Panda, Prasant Kanungo and Pratyush Swain. The winners of this quiz were as follows:

1st- Sambit Kumar Biswal, Sadasiba Behera, Sitikantha Satapathy
2nd- Sailesh Satapathy, Soumya Shankar Ray, Sushree Kiran Samal
3rd- Parakh Tripathy, Partha Sarathi Das, Aditya Swain


For many centuries, mankind has worked tirelessly to change their surrounding environment according to their needs. Modern technology is advancing at a faster rate than we can imagine. Bridges are one of the most thought out structures which require meticulous planning and execution. This event was all about making the perfect bridge, which would be designed in an efficient and cost effective way by following specific measurements, and can withstand the vagaries of nature as well as the wear and tear by vehicles.
The coordinators of this event were Srinibas, Ashirbad, Abhishek and Binoy.
The winners were:

1st- Suraj Kumar Muduli, Aman Kumar Sahoo, Abhisek Panigrahi
2nd- Sugyani Mahapatra, Sweeta Supriya Baisakh, Sudhir Nanda, Satyajyoti Acharya
3rd- Aditya Swain, Poonam Mahapatra, Prachi Patra, Bhagirathi Panda


With great power comes great responsibility!! And it is the responsibility of the engineers to pick up issues, analyze the various parameters and provide optimum and feasible solutions to the problems. Abhivyakti was a case study competition which required the budding engineers to explore all possible solutions. A problem statement on a current technical issue was given and the problem had to be examined and the case had to be produced with facts, statistics, scenarios and illustrations. The coordinators were Raman, Ankita, Reshma, Bodhisatwa and Sailesh.
The winners were:

1st- Mitrabinda Das, Sitikantha Satapathy, Subhasish Prusty
2nd- Shivani Mishra, Preeti Pragyan Dash
3rd- Abhijeet Samantsinhar, Subham Ayush, Chandan Mallick

Urban planning is an indispensible part of our everyday lives. The buildings that we see around us requires a lot of methodical planning, so that the design can be futuristic and also acceptable to the public. In order for a city to be successfully constructed, certain elements of planning must be enacted. Consilium was the planning competition which required the participants to submit their designs and plans. The coordinators were Mitrabinda, Kiran, Shweta and Sthitapragyan.

The coveted prizes were bagged by:

1st- Chalcedoney Ichahgutu, Nancy Rani Purty, Jyotirani Pradhan, Ankita Tripathy
2nd- Bhagirathi Panda, Amrita Amrutayanee, Samparna Das, Sagyan Sonalika
3rd- Aditya Swain, Prachi Patra, Manas Kuanar, Subhadra Mohanty

Sketch-a-target was an opportunity for those who wanted to discover the designer within. This was a software based designing competition. Every team had to design 3-D models using "Sketch Up", which is a simple and easy-to-use, 3-D modelling software, formerly owned by Google.
The coordinators were Sadasiba, Rakesh, Sitikantha and Sambit. 
The winners of this event were:

1st- Sunita Kisku and Krushna Chandra Das
2nd- Kushal Agarwal, Subhasish Prusty, Mitrabinda Das
3rd- Madhusmita Behera, Subhasmita Mishra


AutoCAD software is a customizable 2D and 3D design, drafting environment and toolset. The software automates your design tasks, and it provides digital tools that let you create, view, manage, plot and reuse accurate, information-rich drawings.
a-CAD-mé was the AUTO-CAD workshop extending the opportunity to accurately model, analyze, and express physical systems on the computer and giving an overview of all the tools of AUTO-CAD software. The coordinators of this workshop were Payal, Bijaya, Roshan and Jagat.


The only thing you had to know before this event was-nothing!! It was a trading event which required no knowledge beforehand. It was all about managing money wisely. The coordinators were Ansuman, Subhashree, Sweety and Vijaylaxmi.
The winners were:

1st- Badri Narayan Mishra, Nikhil Patro, Abinash Panda
2nd- Tanmayee Mishra, Swagatika Sahu, Swetankita Subudhi

Apart from these, many fun events were held such as Matki Phod, Tug of War, Guess the Gesture, Bucket Ball and many more!!

This grand event would not have been possible without the generous efforts of the sponsors, which include the title sponsor Nalco, co-sponsors Rajashree Minerals and Chemicals, co-partners SMC and food and gifts partner Domino’s Pizza.

The Organizers!

Picture credits: CET Photofactory!!

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