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Momenti di Vita: The Fresher's Party of KCHR!!

By: Team PenTastic
[By Aishwarya Pradhan]

Kalpana Chawla Hall of Residence buzzed with life as a week of extravagant Fresher’s Party ‘Momenti di Vita’ concluded. Be it juniors or seniors everyone joined in with all their energies to formally welcome the freshers into the KCHR family.

The stage is set!!

The first day started with the most sought event – Treasure Hunt. There were thirty teams that gave the first round which had a fun question set for written prelims.  Soon after, the ramp was set for the models. With their face painted to the themes of tribal culture, dual character and cartoons, and dressed accordingly they dazed everyone. Manaswini and Nancy emerged as winners with their theme being Red Indians. Neha and Gargee stole the hearts to be placed second with Doraemon theme. The night concluded with fun interaction with seniors, lot of dancing and singing.

The second day was the most melodious night as the first years gave in their soul and heart to present the best they know for the Solo and Duet Singing. From classical to Bollywood to western, they sang it all, leaving our ears mesmerized. And Abhipsa, the sweet classical singer bagged the first prize. The second event for the day was product advertising. The participants left everyone laughing with their humorous and witty product advertising. And Aishwarya became ‘The Advertiser’ for the evening. Second prize was shared by Arpita and Subhashree.

The third day was all about fun and frolic as the seniors got to know their juniors and the juniors came to know their seniors. It was the day of fun interactions. Miss Fresher’s competition started with 12 talented contestants who entertained the audience with their skills in dancing, singing and comedy. Four of them wooed the audience to be in the final round.  The night concluded with a mini DJ.
On the fourth day the most energetic competitions – solo and duet dancing were held. Sneha and Swapna made everyone sway with their dance numbers. The night ended with the finals of Miss Freshers.

The one with the golden voice, Abhipsa

The final day of the five day Freshers started with The Finals of treasure hunt. There were nine teams and the morning energy made it all fun as the Fresher’s got to surf through the hostel searching their clues to complete the chain. Abhipsa, Chinmayee, Manaswini and Sheetal emerged as winners.
Next event that followed up was Rangoli making. From modern contemporary to traditional designs ,we said it all in those colorful Rangoli. Arpita, Akankshya and Sushmita, the IT girls stole away the first prizes while the I&E girls Megha Saswati and Urja bagged the second prize.
The last competition for the gala function was Hair styling, where the first years showcased their talents by doing hairdos for the fourth years. Monica emerged as winners and Priyanka was adjourned as runners up.

The prize distribution ceremony

The pleasant evening seemed more enticing with the stage all set for ‘Momenti Di Vita’. The event was beautifully organized by Eventskart. The function was graced by The Hostel Superintendent, Sabita Das. The hosts for the evening were the elegant four- Nimisha Di, Ayushi Di, Mrinalin Di and Sohini di. The function started with the auspicious lighting of the lamp by the Superintendent. It was followed by the welcome song by Abhipsa from first year and opening dance by Sushree Di and Sushri Di of second year.  Then there was a dance faceoff between the sweet, ever smiling classical dancer Swapna and the body breaking dancer Sneha for the Dancing Diva Title. And the proud winner was Sneha. Then came the energetic first years with their group dance. After the prize distribution ceremony for the all the competitions, The humorous trio Shradha, Sushmita and Arpita took to the stage for The KCHR Khichdi Show. The evening was heat was soaring high as the second years and third years took turn on stage and made the whole crowd sway with them. 

Then came the much awaited and anticipated moment, that is Miss Freshers 2K16 and it was none other than our Miss Humorous Shradha who wowed us with her on stage antics as "Hansa" from Khichdi. The function came to an end with Swagatika di proposing the vote of thanks.

The Three Miss Fresher's, Shradha, Risha and Nikita

Eventskart, and the week long effort from all the organisers from second and third years made the event grand and etched it in everyone’s heart. They also deserve special thanks for the photo booth which was our favourite point for the evening.

The star attraction of the evening, The Photo Booth

 Photo Credits: Keshri Majhi and Baishali Priyadarshini

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