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Litreat 2K16!!

By: Team PenTastic
So after five days of pure fun and frolic,thanks to the spectacularly organised 'Momenti-Di-Vita',it was high time that the students pick up their pens and paper and get themselves involved in some serious stuff. But "Engineers" as we are,we can never get serious. Right?! Lo and behold,there comes the event 'Litreat' to our rescue.The chance to play with Words!!

Litreat is the annual three day literary fest organised by our very own Cetadel Society. The word lovers eagerly wait for the first week of April as the most sought after literary event of our college gets going during this time of the year.It is for all those who have a literary bent of mind and for all those who think that they can conquer the world with a pen in their hand and creativity in their mind.

(By Sumeet Sourav Das)

So this three day extravaganza begins with the first chapter being-'Twist in the Tale'. There was a huge turnout,seniors and juniors alike,who had come to attend the event despite having their regular classes.Waiting near the English Lab,which was incidentally the venue for the event,I could clearly sense the excitement among the participants evident from their low pitched buzzes.

Now the rules were simple enough. The participants had to write a funny story and give it an unconventional twist of their own. The participants were allowed to participate in teams of two or individually,as their wish may be. The topics assigned to the participants were "Donald Trump confesses love for Mamata Banerjee","I slipped and fell on a banana peel","Superman recruits Minions for comeback in Dawn of Justice sequel" and "And the unicorn pranced around in the sun kissed meadow", each being funnier than the other one. 

 The event started sharp at 12.30 with the battle cry "Your time starts now" by Anirban Sir. Thus began the period of crazy head scratching and vigorous nail biting as the participants were having a tough time deciding the topic. Then there were violent discussions among the team members about the plot,each one coming up with a better idea while the other member was suggesting a new one until finally both agree to make peace and proceed with a plot. Then came the phase of aggressive writing as they had to submit within the stipulated time of forty five minutes. Then there were also the lone rangers who were completely lost in their own world,perhaps trying to frame something extraordinary. Done and dusted,all the participants submitted their stories by 1.15. Pure adrenaline rush,my gosh! In the end, Subhashri Das from 1st year and Sidhant Sourav and Sameer Ranjan Das from 3rd year emerged as the joint winners, winning the cash prize worth Rs. 2k. While Tanuja Patnaik and Sagar Singh from 4th year and Amruta Kar and M.Soundarya from 1st year were adjudged as the joint runners up and they walked away with a prize money worth 1k!!!

All in all,it can be said that there could not have been a grander way to begin this literature spree. It surely proved to be the perfect foil for showcasing the immense writing skills and creativity that we CETizens possess. May be it provided a platform that can propel some to the same bracket as O.Henry or the great Saki himself. May be I am assuming a bit too much,I guess. But yeah, it is not bad to be optimistic!!

(By Baibaswata Jena)

The Quiz Masters, Anshuman and Santa

The human brain is a wonderful organ. It has made us the dominant species on this planet. It has an enormous capacity to store data. Facts get stored in our brain continuously. But,what distinguishes us from others is the ability to recall those snippets of information when required. This ability is the base for quizzing, a sport which concentrates on using your mental faculties to the fullest. It makes our thought process faster and allows us to utilise the best facets of our celebral abilities. And,apart from all these,it also allows us to show off the variegated knowledge that we accumulate.

Entertainment and sports are two factors that bring together enormous number of people and generate an insane amount of interest. To test the skills of some of those insane people, Cetquizzite and Cetadel conducted a sports-cum-entertainment quiz on 5.4.2016. The prelims for the quiz started at 12:30 in Room no-B-402, where the two QMs for the day, Santa Nibedita and Anshuman Panda, aroused quriousity and teased the intellect of the participants with a well-framed set of questions. Around 40 teams participated in the event. From this large group, 6 teams were selected to compete in the finals to be held on 6-4-2016.

The teams were:

Enarchi- Baibaswata Bijnana Jena and Mukti Swaroop Pradhan
Just Guessing- Ashutosh Mishra and Biswa Ranjan Mishra
Jhamma- Ankit Jena and Sourav Kar
Old Monks- Saswat Das Adhikary and Sarthak Nayak
The team of Ayush Gautam and Siddhant Mishra
The team of Sailesh Mishra and Subham Pal

Just guessing,eh?!

The finals of the Spent Quiz were held in room no-B-402. The six teams assembled in the room by 12:15 pm and the quiz started by 12:30 pm. The teams took their seats based on the numbers they picked as part of the lottery. The first and second rounds were simple pounce and bounce affairs with six questions each. The questions alternated between the two set genres. The team Enarchi comprising of Baibaswata Jena and Mukti Swaroop Pradhan took an early lead in the quiz and through the subsequent written and general rounds proceeded to build upon it. By the final round, they were well ahead of the pack and deservingly won the quiz with 135 points. Coming in as the runners-up was the team of Sailesh Mishra and Suvam Palo,who scored 55 points.
The questions were a delectable mix of sports, entertainment and the interlinking genres. The quiz was conducted quite well by the two QMs for the day, Santa Nibedita and Anshuman Panda. Our literary secretary, Anirban Pati took up the scoring duties and proved to be an adept hand.
Any competitive engagement throws up a single winner and the rest have to contend with thoughts of what could have been. But,a quiz is a win-win situation for everyone as at the end of the day, you go home with new facts and knowledge that enriches our thought process. So, we hope that more such events take place in the near future.

(By Nimisha Acharya)

There are many people we meet in our day to day lives, many characters we read about and many more personalities whom we see on screen. Among those, there are few who leave a lasting impression in our minds and their indelible mark on our hearts. And it was with great enthusiasm and alacrity that about 20 participants turned up at the English Communication Lab, to engage in a battle of words as they defended their favourite characters!!

 The stage was set and the participants came in one by one to speak about their beloved characters, which were as varied as it could get. There were superheroes, mythological characters, T.V characters, real life inspirations and, wait for it, serial killers and dogs in the midst!! From Batman to Joker, Karna to Arjun, Rabindranath Tagore to Mark Zuckerberg, each of the participants stood by their characters as they spoke for about 3 minutes and then faced a volley of questions from the judges and their fellow contestants. The event was judged by our very own Sanjeev Sir and Parinita Ma'am. They were extremely patient as the event went on for almost 3 hours!!

Each of the participants put their best foot forward. They also faced the rebuttals admirably, some of which were downright hilarious!! The ones defending the controversial characters like Hannibal Lecter, Joker and Karna were put in a tight spot. It was an extremely difficult decision for the judges to decide the best of the lot. Finally, the judges declared Sidhant Sourav as the winner, who defended Harvey Specter from the immensely popular T.V. series, Suits. And the runners-up was Sudhapadma Lenka who chose Gautam Buddha . Special mention to Sudhanshu Sekhar Satpathy who defended the King Khan, SRK!!

So that's all folks!! The three day literary spree comes to an end, with some amazing talent on display. We saw some wonderful writers, quizzers and orators and it was heartening to see such a huge turn out for all the three events. This entire Lit Fest wouldn't have been possible without the tireless efforts of the Literary Secretary Anirban Pati and the Literary Convenor Tanuja Patnaik. The coordinators Soumya Mukherjee, Apurva Mishra, Rakshya Subhangini, Pallavi Mohapatra and Dibyasha Mohanty did a fabulous job as well. We hope the CETizens had a great time and pop up in a bigger scale next year!!
The Team!! _/\_

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