Sunday, 24 April 2016

Cetadieu 2k16: The Cetadel Farewell

By: Team PenTastic
By Shirin Sonali and Shrika Agarwal

The entrance!!

We define farewell as a goodbye or a parting compliment, but the Cetadel farewell was much more than just that. We didn't just say goodbye to our 4th year seniors, but to a rich potpourri and repository of thinkers, writers, speakers and believers. The Cetadel farewell 2k16 - a portentous, exceedingly amazing and prodigious event was bedecked by the seniors who have been the mainstay of the literary club for the past 4 years. The event was also graced by Minakshi Sir who is currently the Faculty in Charge of Cetadel.

The event was literally "kicked off" by Anirban Pati (the balloon kick entrance!), who gave us a rather emotional speech, throwing light on his 4 year journey in CET, as a student and Cetadel member. This was followed by an equally sweet speech by Tanuja Patnaik and by Anubhav Routray, who gave us an "awesomely technical" speech, as said by Arghya Patnaik!! This was followed by a video tribute to our beloved 4th year seniors by the 3rd years. Delicious food packets from Mio Amore were distributed and everyone ended up licking their fingers.

Then there was the cutting of the cake with the icing "CETARDS @ HEARTS". A new vigour was induced into everyone with the announcement of the surprise fun event. So each 4th year senior had to burst a balloon, and do whatever was written on the chit inside the balloon. It wasn't as easy as it sounds! They had to burst it without using their hands, which everyone opted to do with their feet, and the tasks given were, as you would call it, "ek se badhkar ek"! Everyone sportingly took their tasks and completed it. It was too much fun as the tasks included doing the steps of Gangnam Style, singing Baby Doll in Odia, do the Paa wala dance and many more exciting ones. After this humorous event, the rest of the seniors shared their feelings, followed by a truth question for each of them. The truth questions was really difficult for some to answer whereas some gave their answers in seconds. Meanwhile Shirts were presented to all our beloved seniors where they had to write about each other. This was a memorable gift which they would cherish forever.

Now it was time for the juniors to shed light on their thoughts and feelings about the seniors. M.Soundarya of first year shared her feelings which captured everyone's hearts. Yogesh Kumar from 2nd year also shared his thoughts which pleased everyone. Then it was the chance of our 3rd years to share their experiences till now and tell all of us that how they would carry the name of the club even further.

The Cetadel Family <3

The shirts were still being filled and even the juniors wrote their feelings about all the lovable seniors. As every event is incomplete without a photo session, so we clicked a lot of pictures throughout the event, thanks to Aishwarya Kumar Das who was our photographer for the day. A token of appreciation and remembrance was presented to each of the seniors and the farewell ended on a jolly note with everyone biding them their last but not the least goodbye and wishing them good luck for their future endeavors. Though they will be taking their departure from us shortly but their memory will be engraved in our hearts forever.

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  1. a memorable and fun-filled time it was, that we spent with you guys! :')