Sunday, 10 April 2016

2016- The Saga Of Champions

By: Team PenTastic
[By:  Pratik Dash]

It was in the month of November 2015 when the selection process of the freshers and then the practices started.Out of the 600 freshers only 7 were selected and thus a team of 22 members was formed.

The team’s season started with SILICON CUP  in the month of January.Led by Pankaj Shukla bhaiya,we won the first match.But,the loss to Centurion in the next match and thus,knocked out of tournament,hurt the team very much.This pissed everyone off,Sadness,depression and regret surrounded the team.

But then rose to the occasion Amarnath bhai,Pankaj bhaiya and Bhabani bhai.They motivated the team and filled it with positivity..
Next was CET’s most awaited sports fest..THE ENGINEER’s cup…
IHM-being a moderate team,2 first years were given a chance to open the innings. JYOTI RANJAN showed that there is no less talents blossomin in the college.PRINCE bhaiya equally supported him.Great captaincy by BHABANI bhai,and disciplined bowling led to the win of 1st match.This team was now playing to win.Team had 22 match winners.By winning each match,team went into the finals easily.

Playing against NIT(bbsr),amidst hundreds of people,the excitement in the air was exceptionally high.
But ,contrasting the other matches,our batting crumbled…9 wickets down,9 runs from 2 0vers,still required.we thought it was gone.But,hang on!said SARTHAK bhaiya,as he hit 2 glorious boundaries and tied the match.The match was not yet over.


                                                              TWIST AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Sarthak bhaiya was dismissed,a brilliant catch and hence,a super over was all set.
The super over was a formality once the great AMAR bhai dismissed the most feared batsman of the tournament.It was time to lift the First trophy of the season.Bathing in showers of Cold drinks,we all celebrated to the fullest.

IGIT,UTSAAHAN-was calling up next and set out a team,led by AMAR bhai This time…
AMIT bhai’s blitering 57 from 21 against P.M.E.C led the team going and then this happened.Team moved into the finals.Hounderous sledging and disastrous comments were pouring down.Though we lost it narrowly,yet this trophy was a satisfying one.The first away trophy for this team.
Then it was the time for the NLU cup..High morale,huge confidence led the team to reach the final.Milan bhai’s and Amit bhai’s stay in the crease and then Somnath bhai and Amar bhai’s berserk hitting defeated the M.S.law college.Hence ,NLU was also conquered by us now.

3 cups from 4 tournaments.This was a changed ,pumped up,spirited,optimistic,and a united CET team playing.Playing to win,to gain pride,to become champions,enjoying the game.

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