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Xtasy 2K16: Catching up with the hosts(Part 1)

By: Team PenTastic

Soumya Mukherjee and Anirban Pati!

[By: Nimisha Acharya and Sidhant Sourav]

Anirban Pati and Soumya Mukherjee..Who doesn't know this famous couple of CET??!! These two are among the most well known faces of the college, amazing seniors and fun to be around. Hosting together for the first and last time this Xtasy was a special as well as emotional time for both of them. We managed to catch up with them at the Omfed Parlour. What followed was about 15 minutes of laugh riot!! And then a little bit of seriousness ensued, as Sidhant rightly said, "Wow, kete dina pare professional interview!!"

The Charismatic Couple! For One Final Time! You will be Missed!

NIMISHA: Being among the popular faces of the college, you have been on stage numerous times. So, how does it feel to be there for one last time before you embark on a new voyage?

ANIRBAN: I believe getting on to the stage during your last Xtasy has to be a really great experience, a great way to sign off as per se, and that too being on stage with my girlfriend as the co-anchor was the icing on the cake. So yeah, it was amazing!!

SOUMYA: Well, on an informal note, I would say that it was through anchoring during the orientation programme in our 2nd year that I met Anirban for the first time. So it was a really nice experience for us to be on stage together again. It felt really good.

SIDHANT: What is the most fascinating aspect of anchoring that there was such a huge turnout at the auditions?

SOUMYA: Xtasy is all about glamour, limelight, being all dressed up and being on stage, people look at you, adore you. Apart from that, you also have to be spontaneous on stage. The word Xtasy has become synonymous with glamour, and brings a lot of attention.

ANIRBAN: And yes, anchoring during Xtasy gives you instant fame. People know you immediately, they know your names. So, that has to be one of the key factors for such a large number of people coming for auditions.

NIMISHA: How do you rate this year's Xtasy as compared to the fests in the past?

ANIRBAN: This year, each and every fest, including Perception and the Engineer's Cup, you name them and they have been the best ever in CET's history. And there are many who agree to it. I am proud of the fact that it was in my final year that we all got together and came up with such a brilliant fest. I guess it could not have been better.

SOUMYA: I would also agree that this year Perception was a huge success, followed by Engineer's Cup, Xtasy, all of them were flawless and extremely well coordinated.

SIDHANT: Being very close to the proceedings on stage, you have a rough idea on what goes on behind the scenes. So can you please tell us how much effort it takes to organize such a big event?

ANIRBAN: Well, every mountain looks very pretty from far but when you go up top, it is very rocky. It is the same with the organizing committee. When you look at it from outside, it seems like you are just calling someone and arranging a few bottles. It is certainly not that. It takes so many days and nights of hard work. I know people of Team Xtasy who have not slept for the last month or so. When all of that culminates in the final effort, that is what makes the success all the more sweet.

NIMISHA: As an anchor, it is always expected from you to be feasible with various circumstances. So how does one get prepared for it?

SOUMYA: It's not about any preparations, you just need to be spontaneous.

ANIRBAN: In anchoring there are last minute changes. So you just have to be ready for all these.

SIDHANT: As this was your last Xtasy, what are you going to miss the most about it?

ANIRBAN: Not necessarily about Xtasy, but I'll miss my juniors the most. Especially the club from where I come from, Cetadel, I don't think I could have got better juniors. Of course I'll miss my friends too, but I'll really miss my juniors. I am glad I got to work with such brilliant juniors in my final year.

SOUMYA: Well, I would just add on to that,I'll miss the juniors along with my friends. This Xtasy has been very special, the last one, so it was emotional. We were all dressed up, clicked pictures, enjoyed a lot. We also have such a cute duo in front of us, taking the interview *interviewers blushing*. I'll miss all of you, I'll miss the stage, I'll miss everything!!

Pallavi Mohapatra! (Chal Pagal Pagal Khelte Hain)

[By: Sidhant Sourav]

Aan..Huzoor..Tera Tera Tera...Suroor!!!!!! Enough of professionalism We have with us the maverick nasal singer , actor, producer, hair stylist, fitness freak, and what not. His obsession with Roti is well-known. (Flashback: "mujhe mere ghar mein roti chahiye") He is the most spiritual  person on earth,second only to the Pope. We have with us Pallavi Mohapatra aka Himesh Reshammiya!

Now we two shared the stage and since we both know each other as slothful creatures we decide to take the interview yet again via social media..!

Sidhant: Aye, to interview nebi...ready ha!

Pallavi: Joke Kareni...Mada Khaibu..

Sidhant: Sata Kahuchi...I am serious.

After 15 minutes of persuasion by me she finally says..

Pallavi: Hau, but I will answer as Himesh..

And there we go..................

Himesh at the Gun-Point!

SIDHANT:   So Himesh, You did come to CET, Bhubaneswar for the promotion of your new movie, but honestly nobody seemed excited at first. How did you convert the initial hostility to such a grand applause right from the Karaoke?

HIMESH (Pallavi):   I would like to thank the Xtasy Team for inviting me to spice up the fest. Xtasy has been a regular name in south Asia over the past couple of years. And with my new movie about to hit the theatres, I couldn't possibly find a better platform than this. I was initially quite apprehensive for this was my first show in Odisha in 7 years, but thankfully just as heartening as the last one..Sab mata di ki Kripa hai..Jai mata di let's rock!

(I told you about his spiritual traits)

SIDHANT:   Now, Moving on..We have seen most of your movies having the word "Suroor" in its title..What is this "Suroor"? Why are you so obsessed with it? Can you relate this to anyone or anything related to CET Bhubaneswar?

HIMESH (Pallavi):   Well you hit the bull's eye with this one. Few know this ...But I belong to the  same batch as Sona Mohapatra...(I murmur "kede bada dahara") As a matter of fact, we were fellow participants in CET idol '04 where she went on to win the title. I have always been an ardent admirer of hers. Aaj bhi unke sur ka deewana hun. Got a secret to share Sidhant..we are planning another sequel to Tera Suroor-Unka Suroor.

(Oh God...Not Again)

SIDHANT:   OMG..That's exciting..(Okay, I never said I am an honest guy) So you were supposed to host the event preceding Arpeggio's musical treat. But you got a sudden call for the War of Bands, didn't you? How was your experience as an anchor and a viewer?

HIMESH (Pallavi):   It was a great honour for me to be called for an event as huge as this. I had a rapchik time, though throughout the event, I was conscious about few spectators sneaking backstage to see my dhina-dhin-dha to the beats of the bands (Trust me...Nobody even knew he was there) Despite the heat, people turned up for the show. It was nice to learn later that I was the reason for the flocking crowd, (Blows Kisses to Imaginary Crowds)

(Bright example of Mane Mane Hero)

SIDHANT:   Your Views about the co-anchor? (with a wink)

HIMESH (Pallavi):   Oh You?...Well Honestly I wasn't expecting to be paired up with a natural. Mashallah! (Claps Hands) You seem to have been born with a mike..just like me...Had a Fantastic time..You are a funny man..great voice...Killed it! would love doing another show with you..

(Himesh wonders..."Paapa lagiba...ete micha kahili ebe")

SIDHANT:   Well Himesh, You have always been a polarizing figure, Your entry during th evening was equally applauded but you were also booed by a large section. How do you manage to handle such opposing views or just resentment from viewers being a dynamic anchor?

HIMESH (Pallavi):   Boss..mera toh ek hi funda hai...Wow ho ya Bhow, I have been assigned a task to entertain both ends of the crowd. Initially I was nervous but I guess, Music has the power to turn even an atheist into a devotee. So by the end of it, the boos were inevitably drowned by the taaliyan. Sab Suroor Ka Kamaal Hai! (Arey Bhai..Kete Suroor)

SIDHANT:   Okay, final one. Your views regarding XTasy this year as compared to its predecessors?

HIMESH (Pallavi):   Xtasy is like "Suroor" (I am gonna kill this man with that ugly cap), Just gets better with every sequel. last Xtasy was groundbreaking..this time it's chappar-phaad... I mean Sky-ripper...Next time, it's gonna wow the swargvasis as well. (laughs on his own joke) On a serious note, management has improved a lot. Few hurdles were met midway but once again were taken care of effectively. Overall, a brilliant experience. Hopefully it gets bigger and better next time. You Yourself did a fine job, young man. Mata di kripa banaye rakhe. Jai mata di..Let's Rock!

(Don't worry I just paid her to praise me)

Note: for Christ's sake I wasn't Blushing in the first interview...

Look at her as if she's gonna kill someone though her eyes!*_* My awesome friend!

Special thanks to CET Photofactory for the awesome clicks!!

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