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Xtasy 2k16: Catching Up with the hosts (Part 2)

By: Team PenTastic

[By: Srutee Rout]

It's not the Xtasy time but still its fever is there among the CeTizens..!! Isn't it? Seniors and juniors get goosebumps and ignited hearing the word " Xtasy"..So here we go with the interviews of 1st and 2nd year anchors who changed the whole ambiance and burned the stage by their fabulous and mesmerizing anchoring..!!!

SRUTEE: How did you feel when you first stepped on the stage for anchoring?

IPSITA: The first thing I felt was wow!!...such a big stage and humongous lively audience..

PRIYANKA: Is it a dream come true..!! Yeah!! Omg..such a beautiful platform and full supportive audience..never expected that!!

RASHMI: Well this was my first time so I was a bit nervous but that was nothing in comparison to my excitement for not being one among the crowd rather standing right in front of that crowd. The feeling was new yet.. Amazing enough..which made me say..''Yeah this was all I wanted''.

SHRIKHETRA: Well..the moment I held the microphone I had a string of fear racing my mind. Though they were very childish !!! First I thought that what will happen if I fall on the stage..hahaaa...or if the microphone falls from my hands...or if I stammer because we didn't have any perfect script..or to say truly we didn't even have a script....Well the moment I went on the stage..and had uttered "Hola CET".. The response I got from the crowd... Tempo rising high like never before..whooaa!! It felt good and got the confidence I can actually do well.

ANKIT: Frankly speaking there was no time in our hand at the beginning to feel the environment ,we were called shortly within no time..obviously we got nervous!! but the moment the microphones were on and we started , ..the chills were all gone .The thing left was our crowd cheering for Xtasy and for us that was a dream come true!!!

SRUTEE: How was your experience throughout the anchoring?

IPSITA: I always had a dream to host a show. .. but never got the right platform . CET gave me the opportunity . I was quite apprehensive about getting nervous. But once I begun I went with the flow as I was lost beneath the awesome response from public.

PRIYANKA: Wow!! To host on the first day of grand cultural fest Xtasy 2k16. Really it was a beautiful experience but at the same time I was nervous and excited too...

RASHMI: It was really an amazing experience to be on stage....the crazy and shouting crowd, the glow...the music was creating a festive atmosphere and being a host for such an evening was really special.

SHRIKHETRA: My experience throughout anchoring?? ummm well...where do i start ...yeah i got one word for it.."AWESOME" or can i just say "KASSAUME"... Haha..its the first time I got to host an event as big and grand as XTASY...In my first year in this college,attending my very first Xtasy from the stands,looking and applauding some fabulous anchors like Sourav kar bhai, Megha didi, Raman bhai, Suraj bhai...I had never ever imagined I would be on that stage and at the very spot I was standing then someone else would be standing and applauding me..that was like a fantasy moment for me ..the energy of the people was so encouraging..plus you know my partner was my constant role model for uttering meaningless bugger shit that I did on stage..hahaaa..the best part was the constant change in schedule of events we had to deal with...it was such a great adventure but tedious and tiring too..but finally we came out and proudly looked into each other's eyes and said" Bhai...we did it...wohoho"..

ANKIT: Umm i would say there was a lot of pressure in between to manage the sudden change in schedules but the more we did the more we started loving the stage..we just wanted to make them feel it too, to get more excited and to give them some pretty good memories of Xtasy 2k16.

SRUTEE: How much effort did you put up for anchoring before Xtasy?

IPSITA: We prepared the scripts within a couple of days. We practiced and rehearsed well and as a twist in the tale awaits,the slots were interchanged. We had very less time before the final take.. but I took it as a challenge and the outcome came effortlessly.

PRIYANKA: Actually I wanted to host in Xtasy!! So I had just given my best. And within so less time I had just given my best and undoubtedly the response of audience was so amazing.

RASHMI: It's not that we practiced a lot .. But yes. ..we focused much on the script. We tried our best to entertain the audience. Though at first I was quite nervous but my confidence was boosted up by my co-anchor Sidhant bhaiyya and other seniors, which actually made things easy and simple..

SHRIkhetra and AnKIT: ShreeKit!
SHRIKHETRA: To this question you will definitely think I am exaggerating things...like "fek raha hu" but we simply had no plans or no bound script..we weren't even completely serious about it till noon on the second day .We just thought among ourselves..."tu ye kar dena...aur mai ye kar dunga" and all stuff...we even reached late to the stage beyond reporting time...due to lousy traffic. The funny part is when we were waiting for the signal to go green at khandagiri square..we were rehearsing on the bike and all the people nearby were staring at us like aliens. Haha...

ANKIT: Effort..I think we were more worried on what we were gonna be wearing that day.We tried writing scripts .but almost all the time whatever we thought was never part of the half page script but finally we wrote the whole script and did our job of anchoring...

SRUTEE: What are you expecting from the next Xtasy ?

IPSITA: In the next Xtasy I am expecting double the fun , more events and more enthusiasm from our would be juniors.

PRIYANKA: Double fun!! Triple enjoyment..!! What else..Xtasy should come back with a bang..!!

RASHMI: This time Xtasy was really big..larger than dreams. In every bit of work that they showcased on or off stage,the hard work that they have put in was clearly visible.This all makes me expect more and more frpm the next Xtasy.

SHRIKHETRA: There will always be some expectations isn't it !!! I personally want it to be bigger,more talked of,and grand than this time. Though this time the Xtasy was the biggest and studded with grandeur like never before.. But yeah you know the phrase.."The sky is just the limit as far as you can see"...blah blah blah blah...enough lecturing you...haha!!

SRUTEE: What were the difficulties you faced while anchoring?

IPSITA: I was a bit nervous but I won't count it as a difficulty because I know if I'm nervous I will put the right amount of effort in doing something. Seniors were really helpful and guided us till the last minute.

PRIYANKA: Since the slots were totally interchanged then we had to handle the whole excited audience and the script was not ready...It was really terrible..but due to our senior guidance everything went just beyond PERFECT..!!

RASHMI: Though there were no difficulties but there were a lot of things going on at the same time ..Everyone was busy.. So at times it was difficult to stay calm.. But.. It's xtasy ,so no matter what happens around you.. You need to give your best.

SHRIKHETRA: The difficulties faced during anchoring were much high. Like the nervousness, presence of no script,and the biggest was the last moment changes in the schedule of events..We were to cover only 3 events on stage..but we ended up hosting 5-6 events on stage..it was really brainwobbling to think what to do next..but as I said before,it was truly adventurous and we enjoyed every bit of it.

ANKIT: First of all I would say that I was bit nervous and my body was trembling but as I started and seeing my partner on the stage made be tension free and pacific ... The most difficult part was to handle such a huge and massive crowd OMG!!! But finally we saw the crowd getting excited which made me feel really proud....

SRUTEE:   Well It was a great pleasure and experience for me, taking your interviews... Hope I will catch you again in the coming Xtasy !!...

Pic credits: CET Photofactory!!

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