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Xtasy 2k16: The Buzz

By: Team PenTastic

[ Written By: Nimisha Acharya and Sidhant Sourav]

Xtasy 2K16 is done and dusted with. The months of hard work and efforts by the final years has finally paid off and the cult fest was a huge success. It had everything, drama, glitz and glamour, enthralling events and workshops, the star studded EDM night and of course, Darshan Raval's live concert!! Though it has been a few days since the fest, the hype refuses to die down. So we bring to you all the lowdown from the annual socio-cultural extravaganza!!


After the grand success of the pre-Xtasy events and Day Zero, the expectations from Xtasy were at an all time high!! And the first day of Xtasy 2K16 didn't disappoint at all. It saw the solo and duet dance competition, the theatre play event, the war of bands, and not to forget Dumb Charades!! The evening was filled with some splendid performances from the awesomely talented dancers and musicians of our college.


There was no better way to get started with the cultural fest than watching the beauty of dance unfold at its very best. Dancing feet was a solo/duet dance competition which saw almost 25 participants battle it out for the ultimate prize. There were various dance forms on display, right from the usual contemporary and hip hop to the unconventional forms like whacking. All the contestants were equally brilliant and it was an arduous task for the judges to decide the winner. Finally the event was won by Kunal. It was organized by The Dance Authority(TDA) and co-ordinated by Surya Prakash.

(By Clinton Senapati)

96 participants, 9 teams, in-numerous morals and some out of the world performances were out on display in the theater event namely, Kalamanch. All the kala on the manch was a delicacy one shouldn’t have missed. It was almost 7 hour event and the crowd cheered till the last performance. Kudos to their Patience!
The event had 4 teams each from KIIT-Bhubaneswar and CET-Bhubaneswar and one neutral team. KIIT teams were Pankh-1, Pankh-2, Goonj and KFS whereas CET’s teams were namely Balungi Toki, Asigala Asigala Returns, Team Novice and The Team. The neutral team was Kalalight. The event was judged by an accomplished scriptwriter of Odisha known as Upendra Naik and our very own, Srimant Sir. The major theme on display was Indian Social Hypocrisies which gave us a reflection of our future in terms of thought process and acting talent.
At last, special mention to organisers namely, Abhijeet Tripathy, Devasmita Behera and Anish Tripathy who made the event successful with the help of some very generous volunteers. Finally, there were two Special Judge Awards given each to KIIT and CET. But, the winner was bagged by Kalalight followed by CET’s Balungi Toki.

(By Pallavi Mohapatra)

There's no better way to get underway with a fest than a musical afternoon. Such was the magic of Over drive- The War of Bands. As 7 teams jammed it out, at the end of it all, the sadly numbered spectators were left with ringing ears. Though rain tried to spoil the act in between, the event proceeded with the smoothness of butter. With unparalled efforts, each team had a special element added to their act. With four hours of unveiling new talent, the respected Mr. Wendel Anthony Redden declared the band, Talaash as the champion team, crediting them for laudable time management and the understandly stupendous performance!! The event was organized by Arpeggio-The Musical Society of CET and coordinated by Shubhakanta Udgata, Ranjan Kumar, Raman Kumar, Nimish Mishra, Aditya K Singh and Sarthak Mohapatra.

(By Pallavi Mohapatra)

Fun fact: Fun events in any fest are loved by the FUN-iacs for its escalating fun quotient. Too much fun in one line? So, guess what happened when scores of people came down to display their Bolly-prowess at Dumb charades this Xtasy. With around 30 competing teams, each having 3-5 members, the academic block embraced an enthusiastic response from both teams and onlookers.
The event was partitioned into three rounds. In the first, one had to guess the name of the movie. The second round saw a twist as one member had to portray a song to their other team mates, with a characteristic move. Saving the best for the last, the survivor teams went in to the final round "Pictionary" where most teams succumbed but the round ultimately ended in a tie. For the tie breaker which was also a clincher, teams 'Tu 13 Dekh' and 'Swag-istan' battled it out as the CSE 4th years emerged as the ironical dumb-queens!!

The evening was graced with the presence of several guests.The inaugural ceremony took place as the Chief Guest was invited for the Lamp Lighting. Following that was the Welcome Song and speeches by The Principal, PIC,Students' Affairs, an Annual Report by the President, speeches by the Cultural Secretary, Mr. Raghunath Mohapatra, Mr. L.N.Gupta,General Secretary, Alumni Cell, Hon. Minister S.K. Dasburma and lastly the vote of thanks by Coordinator, Cultural Society. What followed was a heart soothing performance named Udaan by kids from Prativa Ashram. The event came to a closure with performances by Arpeggio music club, the performance by the War of Bands winner, "Talash" and not to forget the theme dance by the college dance group TDA that was the highlight of the day. The tone for the next two days was set up perfectly on the first day itself.


The penultimate day of Xtasy was filled with some amazing events and jaw dropping moments. There were events such as Reflex, Price it Right, Goonj and the much awaited Blind Date. The evening was full of glamour with Francesca, and group dance performances by the guys and girls of final year, and not to forget the EDM Night by one of India's best DJ's, DJ Ansh.


The day started on a soulful note with the musical morning Goonj, organized by Arpeggio. There were more than 40 participants, in both the Western and Eastern categories. The prelims were held a week before, which saw an amazingly huge turnout, from which 40 people were selected. Their silken voices mesmerized everyone present.
The winners are as follows:
Eastern: Ankita Swain, CET and Sonali Sukanya Palei, BJB Autonomous College
Western: Renuka Patra, NIFT and Priscilla Mohanty, CET


What would you do if you were given 5 words and you would have to connect them and form a story in 10 minutes and enact it in another 10 minutes??!! Yes, that's precisely what happened during Reflex, the Insta-Theatre Play Competition. The words were as crazy and weird as they could possibly get. There were the usual suspects such as Corruption, Rape, Politicians, Romance and Hostel life to the zany ones like ACP Pradyuman, Ja Simran Ja and Ek Chutki Sindoor. The 8 competing teams, including one from IIIT, had an uphill task ahead of them. And unsurprisingly, the teams managed to perform extremely well, making it a tough task for the judges to decide on the winners. Finally, Team "Zara Hatke" emerged as champions. The event was organized by Amuza-The Dramatics Society and coordinated by Devasmita Behera. The judges were none other than our most esteemed senior members, Abhijeet Tripathy and Anish Tripathy.

Nikita and Khitija, from the winning team Zara Hatke


Ever tried to wonder about how expensive the accessories of your favorite star can be? Do you actually go and do the groceries of your house? Thank your Mom if she sends you out for the weekend shopping as this was the place for you! All you got to do was to give a rough estimate of things ranging from Patanjali Atta Noodles to the price of the ticket to Space. You got it all here. Owing to the efforts of the coordinators Biswa Ranjan Mishra (who was just too honest not to tell us the answers) and Chinmoy Mishra, the event proved to be a huge success as crowds of people poured in for the eliminations. After two intriguing rounds the winners were decided and they called themselves “The Hindus”.


This event took the adage "Love is Blind" all too literally!! The most awaited fun event every Xtasy, the Blind Date gives you a chance to interact with people whom you maybe never noticed in college or saw and had a crush on or someone completely unknown. Organized by Amuza and coordinated by Devasmita Behera, Soumya Mukherjee, Clara Mallik and Jayashree Biswas, this event saw a huge turn- out of more than 60 participants, all eager to meet someone new, and maybe find The One!!
The first step was to decide the pairs, which was done randomly through chits. Then the couples were given 15 minutes to get to know each other. In the first round, the couples were given questionnaires, where they had to answer questions about each other, which ranged from the usual "Favourites" to personal ones like "First Kiss"!! The second round saw the girls had to tie the ties around the guys' neck and the guys had to apply nail polish on the girls' hands. And, in the final round, the legs of the couples were tied together and they had to race to the end with a balloon kept between their arms.
In the end, Anjali Mahato and Amitash Nanda emerged as the victorious couple!!

The winners, Amitash and Anjali


The annual-group dance competition was a massive success as every year. More than ten teams from different colleges took part and provided us with a stupendous display of modern and traditional culture. The Crowd response was evident with the monstrous cheer and hooting, not only for the home teams but also for the visitors. It provided a perfect start for the evening of the second day as it set the crowd mood to party hard as the DJ awaited them later in the evening. The winners were “Electra Buzz” from CV Raman College and the runners-up were our very own SRDA.

Our very own SRDA!!

The second day of the extravaganza is synonymous with DJ night. The masquerade theme for the day added to the flavor of the fest. Let’s be honest, bored with the monotonous speeches of the guests, the crowd showed up in the hope of some entertainment. And the organizers didn’t disappoint them at all. Francesca was the first event in line and the models walked the ramp to wow the audience. The attires designed by our very own Final year students grabbed the eyeballs of many as the designs were really elegant. The fashion show justified the theme of the fest “Incredible Odisha” as they presented the Odisha tribal culture at its best.

Aftermath of the Francesca comprised of dance performances by the final-year girls and boys. There was a lot of emotion involved as the prodigies graced the stage for one final time and not to mention the bond of friendship that got starkly highlighted during the performance. Following the two performances was another Sambalpuri dance performance that continued to add to the flavor of Incredible Odisha. Apart from enjoying the fabulous performances on stage, the crowd devoured on the delicious delicacies available at the food stalls. As the hype grew around the arrival of DJ Ansh, the crowd grew restless to shake a leg to the head banging music of the DJ. As the stage setup took time, it didn’t disappoint the crowd. Starting from the stage setup to the music, DJ Ansh justified the hype that surrounded him. The CETizens returned back as the vigilantes announced the limitations of in-time. Were we Tired? Sure! Disappointed? Well, far from it! 


So this was it, the final day of Xtasy 2K16!! The night which all the CETizens were waiting for with bated breath was finally here. The girls were going all crazy with excitement and the guys were left wondering what was the hype all about!! Of course, it was Darshan Raval live in action for the first time in Bhubaneswar. And the fact that he is good looking won him some brownie points too!! Apart from that, there was the street play competition, the duet singing competition and not to forget, the Salsa workshop by FSDC.


A treat for the music lovers, Sargam saw music at its purest!! It was a duet singing competition. The melodious notes of the singers enchanted each and everyone in the audience. It was organized by Arpeggio and saw some extremely talented duos in action. But there could only be one winning duo.
The winners were Ankita Swain and Akash Singh, CET and the runners-up were Subham Ayush and Asit Kumar Sethy, CET

(By Clinton Senapati)

Xtasy 2k16 had just one serious thing which was to be held outdoors. The name of the Event was Pukaar- The Street Play Competition. It is a place where various social issues are presented and has been in practice since long. It is used to spread social message among the masses. It had four teams namely, Kartavya(KIIT), NIST Berhampur, Udti Tarangey(CET) and Parchaai(CET). Every team had a different set of issues, where Parchaai raised question on our freedom and Udti Tarangey had its own outrageous take on Khap Panchayat, Religion-Based-Terrorism and reservation. NIST and Kartavya had their takes on Love Marriages,Women Empowerment and other hypocrisies in our country. The event was managed by Abhijeet Tripathy and Anish Tripathy. The judges had a very tough time in deciding the winner. Finally, they came to a conclusion on declaring Kartavya as runners-up and Udti-Tarangey, the Winner. But the enthusiasts from newbies of CET accompanied by some pre-final year students all of whom were first timers in the art of street play were given Special-Jury Award. The prize money of 10k rupees was worth fighting for. The event was also witnessed by two ex-Amuzians from 2014 batch namely, Swayam Sarangi and Debshraddha Panda.

The winning team from CET,showcasing honour killing


The very mention of the dance form Salsa is enough to get the excitement levels of youngsters soaring at an all time high, and the ones from CET are no different!! Originally from Spain, Salsa is a very beautiful and romantic dance, and to witness the magic of this dance more than 50 couples turned up for the Salsa Workshop organized by Free Soul Dance Conservatory(FSDC). Some wanted to know the nitty gritties of the dance but most of them just wanted to spend some quality time with their partners!! The teachers from FSDC were extremely patient with the bunch of novices and taught the basics of the dance for more than 2 hours. And then the Orientation Hall resonated with the tunes of "Ladki Beautiful Kar Gayi Chull" as the couples stepped up to show their moves. All in all, it was a great experience and a huge thanks to FSDC for taking out time from their busy schedules to teach CETians and also TDA for successfully coordinating the workshop.

Darshan Raval, a name that has been wowing the CETizens for over a month. The wait was finally over as the D-Day arrived. Darshan Rawal, a singer and an amazing performer at a very young age was the much anticipated guest that took Xtasy-2k16 to another level. The show-stopper of the extravaganza had an aura that was matched by none. The third day of Xtasy began with a galore of people pouring in with just one motive- Darshan! The chants of “Darshan..Darshan” began early in the evening itself. But there was more to it, as we began with some brilliant dance performances. The FSDC crew took the task to amaze the crowd early in the evening with a scintillating performance. Following it, was another display of dance by none other than Akash Das, a profound dancer and a former runner-up in the dance reality show “Boogie-Woogie”.

And then awaited the main event as Darshan’s crew graced the stage. After generating a lot of suspense and hype, finally arrived the man- Darshan Raval! The man got an ovation that was included with a thunderous applause and hooting. And he didn’t disappoint at all. Numerous tracks ranging from Badan Pe Sitare to his own single Mere Nishan, he wowed the audience across all ages. Xtasy-2k16 ended on a great note with people enjoying and celebrating the appearance of a celebrity that they love, CETizens could not have asked for more.

A huge shout-out to CET Photofactory for the amazing clicks!! Xtasy 2K16 was made all the more awesome because of their efforts to capture the incredible moments from the fest!!

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