Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Xtasy 2016: The Beginning!!

By: Nimisha Acharya
[Special thanks to Anshuman Ray, Dibyasha Mohanty, Pallavi Mohapatra and last but not the least, Shrusti Mohanty]

Hey folks!! It’s that time of the year again!
Xtasy 2016, the annual Socio-Cultural fest of CET, undoubtedly the most exciting and enthralling event of the year is coming!!

An amalgamation of dance, music and dramatics, and not to mention the fun events where you can doodle away to glory, play dumb charades, go on a blind date or guess the price of some weird stuff!! If that’s not enough, we have the War of Bands, the EDM Night and the most looked forward to event, the Star Night with the newest heart throb of the nation, singing sensation Darshan Raval.


Since its inception in 1992, it has been a very faithful platform for the talented youngsters across India. This year also, with professional performances by artistes from across the country, the magic that will be created would be unparalleled. Xtasy promises to be bigger, better and grander this time.
The preparations for Xtasy have been going on in full swing for the past one month. Our final years have been working tirelessly day in and day out to make this fest a huge success. A number of pre-events were held before the grand extravaganza to mark this occasion. These events include:

Xtasy 2016 couldn’t have had a better ice breaker. Why? We are talking about one of the most awaited events of the fest. No points for guessing- it’s Treasure Hunt!! The 1st and 2nd rounds comprised of a roller coaster ride through riddles, puzzles as well as a quiz on the who’s who of CET. Nine teams qualified for the final round. The coordinators, Soumya Mukherjee, Apurva Mishra and Rakshya Subhangini had a tough time sorting out the chains for each team which comprised of a series of clues that led to the treasure.
Any guesses where it was??
Well, it was smartly hidden at the CET main gate. A gorgeous jewellery box, packed with coins and goodies worth Rs 1500!!
The first prize was carried away by Deewang Nayak, Kanhu Charan Nayak and Sanket Sourav

With Xtasy pounding at our doors, meanwhile love is energizing the atmosphere in the college. No better way than a promotional event in the form of Karaoke which witnessed a tremendous turn out on 25th Feb. With a cool host, the crowd played it even cooler. With love birds singing along romantic tunes and few groups electrifying the air, the already beserk crowd ooh-ed and aah-ed in unison. 

Love is in the air!!

Special mention would definitely go to the CSE 4th year girls who drove all the “daayans” from the vicinity with Ja Chudail. But undoubtedly the star performer of the evening was none other than our Pentastic, Pallavi Mohapatra who did a perfect impersonation of the man himself, Himesh Reshammiya!! More fun coming up your way, in case you missed it. Till then, stay musical, stay XSTATIC.


This was one of the most hyped events which created a buzz everywhere. The Faculty team which has been undefeated for the past 4 years was facing off against the students’ team, which comprised of all the renowned and well known final year students of the college, like Anubhav Routray, Durga Adhikary, Anish Tripathy and was led by our very own President of the students’ union, Abhishek Khemka. The faculty team was led by none other than our Principal, P.K Patra. The students’ team won the toss and elected to bowl first.

The faculty team did extremely well and it was raining 4’s and 6’s everywhere. The score board at the end of the innings read a whopping 189-6, in 15 overs. The students’ team started well but ended up losing the match by 14 runs. P.K Satpathy sir was adjudged the Man of the Match for his wonderful efforts as he scored 33 runs. 

The mini marathon organized by the NSS was a much awaited event for the CETians. There were more than 350 participants, with T-shirts and caps distributed among everyone. The buses reached earlier than usual to ensure the full participation and coordination of both the students and teachers. 

The event commenced at 8 a.m with the Regional Manager of Syndicate Bank inaugurating it. There were three check points, with every point having volunteers with glucose and water. An ambulance was also present for emergency purposes.  The first prize was bagged by Bhawani Shankar Singh, second prize by Pupul Dhal Behera and third prize by Sonal Hansdah. The consolation prize went to Sameer Kedia.

The 29th day of February, or Day Zero of Xtasy 2016 was a haze of frenzy and activity all around the college. The students taking part in various competitions were giving the finishing touches to their rehearsals. The stage is set, the college is resplendent in all its glory. The flagship dancing event, Burn Out (the street dance competition) kick started the cult-fest of CET. The crowd swayed to the beats as the teams fought it out in the battle.
Incredible Odisha!!


And this was just the beginning!! Stay tuned to CET Rising as your Pentastics give you all the latest news and further updates on Xtasy 2016!!

Talent at its peak!!

The ever helpful people at the Registration desk!!

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