Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Red Carpet at Xtasy Day 1: Ethnic Look

By: Aayushi Jajodia

Also By- Pooja Pattnaik and Baibasweta Jena
Photographed By- Shovan, Ashish Barad, and Shreyash

We are back, and as promised we are bigger and better this time!
The article that garnered more than 1k views last year, creating a mini havoc, is back!  It is that day of the year again! Xtasy 2k16 has officially begun and we look around in awe as ladies adorned in beautiful anarkalis to elegant saris put forward a sight to behold. Yes, Ethnic theme it is, and the ladies have  killed it again this time! But wait! This time the guys were no less. They're in it to win it! From dashing bandhgalas, to plain and classy Kurtas, they were all about "Banno MERA swagger laage SEXY!"

From Left to Right: Soumya Di, Devasmita Di, Rakshya Di, Apoorva Di

The Fashion Quotient just got raised a notch higher!!!
Their Fashion Mantra?
Soumya Di: "This was Ethnic Theme.. So here I am in a sari. Also they say, Golden is the colour which is closely related with India, and so, golden is my theme today!"
Devasmita Di: "Beauty lies in staying Happy, being cool and enjoying life!"
Rakshya Di: "Sari makes me feel really beautiful, and it brings out my personality really well. So, Eethnic day is Sari day!"
Apoorva Di: "Sari is every Indian women's best attire. I am wearing an orange coloured sari. I think it brings out the color of my eyes!!"

Ashish Panda and Anubhav Routray

We managed to get our very own technical convener, Mr. Anubhav Routray and Mr.Ashish Panda, 4th year I&E. Both of them clad in ethnic wear, on being asked for some fashion tips said that the best way was to keep it natural and not try to bring in too many elements.

Shalina Bebarta, 3rd Year

 What would you like to say about your look?
"I owe this dress to my mom, and I am really happy with the way that it has come out. I am really having the time of my life!"

Our Cultural Secretary, Mr. Rajesh Ranjan Mohanty

Really Busy with work, he could spare only a moment for us get his photo taken..

Mr. Sohan Sarangi and Miss Pallavi Saha!

Sohan Sarangi: "Ethnic Hai! Swag Hai!"
Pallavi Saha: "Same. haha. I really like this theme. People are looking so beautiful!"

"The president of Student Council, Mr.Abhishek Khemka was quite hard to find as he was busy in ccoordinating the activities but we finally managed to capture him through the lens. He was clad in a cool blue kurta .Sadly, we failed to get any byte from him."

Ah! The PowerPuff Girls!
Their Advice?
Monica Di, "Simply, Be gorgeous!"
Willy Di, "Whatever that you are comfortable in, is fashion!"
Monika Di, "Fashion isn't being in vogue. It is being beautiful!"

Brothers From Different Mothers

Shreyash Mishra: "Fashion is what you say Who you are without having to speak!!"
Sidhant Sourav: "My look is inspired by Aayushi Jajodia (;) and Suman Routray!"

Miss Tanuja Pattnaik

Our Very Own Convener!
Tanuja Di's Fashion Mantra?
"Just Three Words!.. Simple, Classy and Elegant!"

Mr. Anirban Pati

Our literary secretary,Mr. Anirban Pati was respledent in a cream and red ensemble. On being asked for his opinion on Fashion and Ethnic wear, he chose to play it cool and sought to divert the attention towards the ladies and went on to say that all his fashion advice is sourced from them. We see what you did there, Mr.Secretary

"The Pura CSE Waala Gang!!.. Kyun Ki Yeh toh Hamesha hi well dressed Rehte hai!, Nahi?"

The Pretty as a Picture, Adyasha Mohapatra

"I believe in elegance! so, I tried my best to look elegant, as well as I tried to match the day's expectations. The theme was ethnic, and so I combined my lehenga, with a top and a chunni, which worked really well. And hence I would like to say that  trying something unique might turn it into a fashion statement!'

Tworit Kumar Dash

The prodigy of Instrumentation and Electronics, Tworit bhai was dressed a classy Brown Kurta.

Swati Mishra
"It's actually very exciting! We waited a lot for this day! There are butterflies in my stomach!"

Rohan Patro and Kshiteesh Rranjan Dash

Rajashree Choudury
" I think I am looking beautiful!.. and that is making me happy!"
Tejas Vitaa Di
Went a little unconventional there! Unconventional is beautiful, isn't it?

Speaking of which,
"All my friends were wearing Saris and Salwars, So I decided to wear something else for a change!"

Shubham Prasad

Sagufa Aziz, Me, and Ashish Sahoo

Sagufa: "Obviously an Indian woman looks the best when she is in a Sari! There is something so feminine about it and that is really the best part of it!"
Me: "Yeah, I ll come to that later! :p "
Ashish: "A formal attire does look classy and perfectly compliments the Ethnic Indian woman"

So, these were some of the pics from today. Don't worry if you are not in it. We will have more of these on the Final Day! There, we will be covering more 3rd and 2nd years as well!.. Till then, dress to kill!.. Haha!


  1. Xtasy has always been special to me. The CET Rising certainly adds to it. Great job fellas :)