Friday, 4 March 2016

Red Carpet at Xtasy Day 3: Western wear

By: Nimisha Acharya
Along with Aayushi Jajodia and Pooja Patnaik
Clicks by Sobhan Acharya and Asish Barad

Finally it is the much awaited night..The one each and every CETian was waiting for with bated breath..The final night of Xtasy 2016!! The excitement was palpable in the air. All the ladies and men turned up in their finest best to catch the extremely charming Darshan Raval live!! The ladies looked resplendent in their beautiful dresses and gowns and the men looked equally dashing in their attire.

The lady who captures it all, Shrusti Mohanty
Her fashion mantra is
"Step out of your comfort zone and experiment!!"

The one with the beautiful smile, Nikita Choudhary

 Her fashion statement is simple, like her.
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

The winner of Miss Xtasy, Ayushee Mohanty

She said, "Fashion is something that comes from inner beauty..Still everyone is dressed so well and look so great today, so we can also say that fashion also comes from outer beauty!!"

The gorgeous lady herself, Komal Panigrahi
 "I wanted to keep my 'Darshan-night' look cool, like him!! As well as comfortable and always with a smile!!"

The stunning Ipsita Dash
Her fashion advice
"Fashion is something that makes you comfortable, confident and makes you present yourself in a completely different way..And I believe that when you compliment others, especially girls, it makes you look even more beautiful."

The dashing Sahil Ahmed
"Fashion, for me, is what I buy, keeping up with the 'trend'. Style, on the other hand, is what I do with it."

The pretty duo, Dikshya Sahu and Suchismita Chakraborty
Suchismita: "According to me, fashion is something I am comfortable in."
Dikshya: "It is something that makes me comfortable, look elegant and stylish."

Anisha, RK, Soumya and Aayushi

 RK: "Look, I'm not precise with the dress combo, so I go for colours..They are beautiful, aren't they?! Jokes apart, I don't think much before getting dressed..I pick up what I like, specially my watch! It makes me look good and I made it look good!!"

Soumya: "Umm, okay..I believe in wearing whatever makes me comfortable. Fashion, for me, is anything that suits my physique and makes me feel confident."

Aayushi: "Fashion Mantra? Well, nth no. of people today have said that fashion is what you are comfortable in..Hence, I took it a li'l too literally. So as you can see, the dress is from Zara. But I decided to ditch the heels and came here in crocs..Doesn't look that bad, does it?"

The enchanting Ayesha Mohapatra

 Her fashion mantra
"It doesn't matter how you look or what you wear, but the most important  thing is how you carry yourself"

The striking Monalisa Panda

Her fashion statement
"It's about being simple and comfortable in what you wear."

The adorable duo, Subhashree Sahoo and Nimish Mishra
Subhashree: "Wear whatever you are comfortable in."
Nimish: "Simplicity is the new swag!!"

The terrific trio, Pooja Patnaik, Swastik Nanda and Swati Sahoo
 Pooja: "Anything that makes me look attractive and smart. I love experimenting with various looks."

Swati: "Simple yet elegant is what is fashion."

The cute couple, Sameer Ranjan Das and Deepshikha Mohanty
 Sameer: "In fashion, there's no rule..Keep it simple and stay cool."
Deepshikha: "Love you Aayushi!!!"

The extremely handsome duo, Siddhant Mishra and Ayush Gautam with your very own Pentastic, me!!
Siddhant: "Fashion, for me, is being self confident. Wear confidence on your sleeve, and that's all you'll need to look good!"
Ayush: "Fashion is what you take pride in wearing. Whatever you feel suits you, comfortable yet classy!"
Me: "Fashion is temporary, Style is permanent!!"

Sarthak Mahapatra , comfy yet cool.

Bishwasmita Singh wearing exquisite jewellery.

Bishwasmita:"I love my look especially the accessories. Xtaxy is pretty exciting for me. "

Bidisha Bhar
Bidisha:" I wanted to try floral printed gown since its trending these days. I think it suits me."

So that's all the red carpet action from Xtasy 2016!! We had a great time covering these fashionable people. But there's more in store for all of you, the events, the interviews and the entire coverage of Xtasy 2K16. Stay tuned to CET Rising!!


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