Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Human Powered Vehicle Challenge India 2016 - Hold on,we are The Gutsy Gladiators

By: Team PenTastic

By Dibyasha Mohanty

They eventuate, cause it is in their nature,
They never conform, as it is contrary to their stature.
They hit at it until the palisade breaks
They make, cause they are the maverick Mechs.

Adding another proud moment in the history of CET, the team of ‘The Gutsy Gladiators”, comprising of 23 students from mechanical branch, participated for the first time in the ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge India 2016 .The only competition of its kind, it is doted upon by engineering students from all over the country. This year the prestigious ASME HPVC INDIA 2016 was hosted by VIT University in Vellore.

HPVC encourages students to come up with sustainable yet practical transportation alternatives, involving sound and efficient design principles.The first stage involved preparation of a comprehensive design report of the self-fabricated human powered vehicle.Our gutsy gladiators had their design report selected in their first attempt(a rare feat so far, considering the complicacy level of the problem statement) ,that facilitated their ingress into the top 40 teams selected from all over India for the final round.
The Gutsy Gladiators (P.C. Pravin)

However the crossing of the bridge had to be realized by categorically superstructing a conveyance that could ferry people and goods in tough road conditions-converting an archetype into reality. Nevertheless ,as months of sleepless nights and fanatical team work would have it ,our ‘Gutsy Gladiators’ came up with a tadpole recumbent trike that utilised the phenomena of Peltier effect(production of electricity from temperature gradient).This unique innovation not only won the envy of co-competitors but also scored the 7th rank in the innovation round.
The final round  included a demonstration of a technical innovation included in the design, a speed event (either 100 meter flying start time trial or head-to-head drag race) and a 2.5 hour endurance race held over the course of three days(17-19 March).The speed and endurance races were competed by the five riders selected to represent the team-Manish,Alok,Dibya,Nikita and Stuti.
Finally,the keyed up enthusiasm and uphill work under the guidance of Sir A.K. Barik and captainship of Soumik in the 3-day event earned the team an overall rank of 24 in its maiden effort.
Selfie time
In the words of Barik Sir,"We should be grateful to God who helped us and showed the path and given right knowledge at right time to acquire this. I am happy and thankful to all members including the teaching, non-teaching members and students who made it possible. It is their constant inspiration that knowingly and unknowingly helped us. I am also grateful to the parents of the students for having the faith on us ."
Ending a story with a precept that echoes in the hearts of the mechies,
Casting the world, Forging the campus, Shaping the universe, Welding the rest of all branches, Bcoz, We are the Men, We are the machine, and we are Mechanical Engineers. 
At the pit


  1. Really proud of this feat!! Our college folks should participate more in such events. It brings the recognition to CET that the students deserve!!

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