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Watsapp Pe Baat, Sarthak Ke Saath

By: Sidhant Sourav

[ Interviewed By: Pallavi Mohapatra and Sidhant Sourav]

Sarthak Mohapatra, Well does he really need an introduction? Of Course not! He is synonymous to all of us. But ethics say we should...Hence

The musical exponent who has been the showman of our College ever since he joined it. With his roots from Classical Music He scales new heights every other day. Be it his stupendous victories at Nitrustav and Spring Fest, or his band The Highway Jammers. The Man who Interacted with The Shankar Mahadevan. And Of course who hasn't heard of his album Nayi Shuruvat.

There's the Man!

Pre-Interview Scenario:

Pallavi Mohapatra pings  Arey Sarthak ra interview nabara thila pa

Sidhant Sourav replies Tu question banei de ma...Kie ete kama kariba

Pallavi Mohapatra snaps Chup Chap nijara kare nahale badeibi

So as the two lousy Members of CET-Rising conflict, and given by the hectic schedule of Sarthak. We decide to take the interview over Whatsapp!

One glance at the Group messages and he (Sarthak) exclaims. "Pura Pheeeeeel Dei Dela"

Look at Him Go!

PALLAVI :   From minuscule ripples in Bhubaneswar to scaling it high on the national front in
Kharagpur, you have become quite a regular name. Curiosity wants to know as to from
where did all of this start?

SARTHAK:   Well, it started out as a therapy prescribed to me by the doctors. I used to be struck down by asthma during most of my early days. So learning vocals was the treatment suggested to me. I was four and a half years old when my mom introduced me to my music teacher,Smt. Harapriya Pati. I began learning Odissi classical songs. I used to sing in locally organised competitions, school events and stuff like that and even gave my Odissi classical examinations. But to be frank, I was never serious about Music until my 11th grade. It was at that time, when for some good reason,probably due to frustration from studies (chuckles), music was no more about competing or getting a trophy from a random organisation. I used to learn keyboard too, but then I bought an acoustic guitar and started learning to play it from the pool of videos on YouTube, along with my singing routine. So if you ask me, that's where it all started. I didn't know what I was doing, where I was heading, but just the simple joy of singing a song or playing a chord kept driving me.

SIDHANT:   Looks like asthma proved to be luck for you.(chuckles) That's a very realistic and meanwhile fascinating story.Making a mark every time and everywhere is a Herculean task which by now you have made it a habit. That's remarkably amazing. What drives you to move forward..I mean...Who has been your constant source of inspiration?

SARTHAK:   (giggles) Do I leave a mark everywhere?

SIDHANT:   Well, you may not realise it, but you surely do.

SARTHAK:   Haha, I'm so glad to know that. First and Foremost my inspiration has been my Mom. She is a great music enthusiast. She used to motivate me when I was adamant about singing on stage or somewhere and even took the day off just to take me to a competition or a rehearsal.

PALLAVI:    (exclaims)Wow..Sarthak Mohapatra..A Mamma's Boy!

SARTHAK:   (laughs)  and musically, I follow a lot of people since I listen to many genres of music. So there has been no 'constant' inspiration. But different things have inspired me at
different times. I ardently listen to Nusrat Sahab, Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan, Ghula Ali Sahab, Jagjit Singh.I love it when eminent musicians talk about music or share their success stories or share a trick or two. For instance, there's a video called 'Dave Grohl keynote speech.' I watch it every time I feel disheartened or dissatisfied with my music.I'm deeply influenced by bands like Muse, Coldplay, Radiohead and Porcupine tree.

PALLAVI:   After the big wins at Nitrutsav 2014 and Springfest 2015, you got to interact with the
musical genius Shankar Mahadevan. How was your experience apart from it being an
incredible memory?

SARTHAK:  The feeling was pretty awesome. I was told that my interaction will take place at 6.30 in the morning since he was supposed to fly to Dubai that day for the IIFA Awards, I guess. So I woke up at around 5.30 and sat in front of the computer, nervous and excited. He asked about me, my college, and my regular lifestyle. I sang "Breathless" to him and he seemed to like it. We talked about our band and he appreciated the fact that we were rooted to classical music. That was all from the interaction the first day. The second time we had an interaction, he seemed to vaguely remember me and we got into a technical talk where he explained to me certain vocal techniques that he insisted me to invoke in my singing.

SIDHANT:  You see that's what I was talking about earlier on. Most people would be content resting on their laurels, I mean your fabulous solo victories. But there you are with High Jammers making it big. How did the idea of this venture prop up?

SARTHAK:   It was pure luck that we guys met. Highway Jammers existed wihout me. They were a group of friends who had a fondness in music. Coincidentally, I talked to one of their members on Facebook and shared my songs and stuff. We got together for a cover for "Neele Neele Amber" and it turned out to be pretty awesome. So after that, we got together permanently and have been playing together since then. We haven't gone big really. We're constantly working and enjoying ourselves. I think that's the whole point of being in a band.

PALLAVI:    Not limiting yourself to events alone, you had an album Nayi Shuruvaat released last year which made a hell of an impression on everyone. Can we expect another melodious saga any time soon?

SARTHAK:   Nayi Shuruvaat was a sort of an experiment. Each of the song on that album had a different mood. And so everyone had a different favourite song. Coming to your question, although not an album, but we're currently recording our new song, which we composed especially for Spring Fest. It has got energy, melody,heavy riffs and a really unique structure. We're planning for a good musical video for it too. I hope it turns out well. In between originals, we're also planning to record some covers, because after all, the general audience is more keen about covers. So that'll be coming out soon too.

SIDHANT and PALLAVI : (in unison) Ladies and Gentlemen, Here's Sarthak Mohapatra for You.

SIDHANT:  No, honestly, that's just awesome.So being the musical virtuoso that you are, what are your plans for the immediate future? A few more accolades? Let's say maybe a couple of the Grammys a decade down the line? (laughing)

SARTHAK:  Haha, those dreams seem ridiculously far-fetched. I haven't really planned anything when  it comes to music. I just want to keep exploring my sound for now and at the same time expand my knowledge about music. I have been recently fascinated by drums, so I'm learning to play drums from two of my friends-Raman Kumar and Aditya K. Singh who are learning formally. Also I recently purchased a bass and a ukulele. So you see, it's better for me not to fix any short term goals, because tomorrow it may be a flute or a violin for me.I have plans of releasing a solo album of some sort, though not in near future. Then I have plans of learning  Carnatic classical  and I even have to complete my degree in Odissi Classical. So, a lot to learn before I even think about any sort of accolades.

PALLAVI:  Now that you are an icon for the many talents in the college. Do you have any message on how they should pursue music or simply hone their skills?

SARTHAK:  Buddy, I myself am a budding talent who is always looking for a lot of messages and
advices. Okay, if it's mandatory for me to answer this, I would tell you some lines from Dave Grohl's Grammy acceptance speech " The only thing that matters in making music is the "human element". You don't need to sound perfect or absolutely correct. It doesn't matter what goes into the computers. It only matters what goes on in here (points towards heart) and here(points towards brain)".

SIDHANT:  You are definitely one of the irreplaceable faces, oh sorry...also voices of our college. Keep carrying on this legacy. With a talent like you, CET is definitely Rising.

SARTHAK:  Irreplaceable Face?? Haha! On a serious note, I feel lucky to be studying in such a college which allows me to exercise my full potential. I already have owe a lot to this college. Hope someday I become eligible enough to pay it back to the college in some way or the other.
Thanks Guys!


Pallavi Mohapatra continues to bully our guest for no reason.

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