Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Unforgettable Shades of Childhood

By: Team PenTastic

Written by:- Suraj Prakash Behera
3rd year, I & E

That angelic look of a child, upon first opening its eyes,
So refreshing and so delicate,
Unable to believe in the evil around...

No darkness able to embed itself in the child,
so sacred are its thoughts, 
Light entering unchallenged and sheltering inside, 
reaching its tiny cherub like fists... 

Dancing around like little raindrops,
Window shopping in the shops,

Building castles at the shore, 
Little fights lasting a moment or two,

Slipping hard and rising with every fall,
Laughing and playing - a chuckle and a cry

Sleeping cosily in mother's lap at night,
Listening to old stories and eating only on fulfilling of demands,

Then on the floor,riding over - Daddy-'The horse' , 
with an innocent smile as fresh as dew

Knowing neither grief nor worry, 
Lost in their own jolly world,

At their own pace Aspiring to build their own dream world... 
Those days were so nice, that can't be forgotten ,

I wish I could go back the steps , I have trodden , 
and live the beautiful phase of my life once again .....

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