Monday, 8 February 2016


By: Team PenTastic
[ Written By: V. Tarun and Priyanka Patnaik, EE, 3rd Year]

“In the days of old men”
Spoke the hermit, clad in red
With fits of excitement and inviolable jest
“Life ran in unbroken peace and factual rest”

A spiraled and aged twig was his only possession
And much deep and cavernous was his mission
The flowing beard spoke of his vast wisdom
Much celebrated was his fame in the whole kingdom

Sang the sage, with pleasing rhyme
As he further went on with his hymn
With a tone that meandered and lilted
Alike his locks that were little pepper and salted

“Desires were fulfilled, lives were settled
Still there were few who never satiated, never nestled
Theirs wasn’t need but wholesome greed
To own up more than they truly need”

“Lost in the bogus, malevolent hungers
They fought insane wars and looted the mongers
Blood was shed and lives were shattered of many
More harm was done to themselves than to any”

“Their dim-witted greed had cost them dear
For they had inevitably lost everyone near
The long living tranquility was now lost
And the rebels were the one who missed it most”

“Humiliated by their misdeeds, they realized their sin
And flocked to the hills, to seek forgiveness from the divine gin.
The journey was arduous and seldom pleasing
For most perished in the expedition in the very beginning”

The hermit’s chant now came to a pause
As everyone brooded over the sinful cause
“May it serve you, my listeners as a sermon
To shun greed for it is a venomous vermin!”

Said the hermit as he concluded his verse
And turned towards the path he had to traverse
“But what happened to men and their journey?”
Quipped a little bubbly girl sitting on a gunny

The hermit’s visage were now grim
“Only few attained salvation, the ones with strongest whim
But the price wasn’t small; they had to pay it with their youth
To seek pardon and be enlightened by the truth”

My words uttered to you, my listeners are for true
Even though they might be a bolt from the blue
“For I was once, one of the rebels
and my salvation is in the sermons, of my travels”

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