Thursday, 11 February 2016

CETians' Cliched Chronicles with Prachi Agasti

By: Team PenTastic

INTERVIEWED BY: Nimisha Acharya And Aayushi Jajodia

A cup of coffee in one hand, and playing with her locks with the other, in a kind of nervous excitement, we have with us the Best-Selling author of Just Once, Miss Prachi Pragyan Agasti. She swears by the Boylested book, that she is one amongst us, completely dismissing the fact, that her 1st book, published by the Authors Press, has had made waves throughout the country, has had an international launch, and that her 2nd book is just days away from hitting the book stores!

“Nervous?” We ask.
“Oh come on you guys! Let’s just get it over with!”

AAYUSHI: “So Miss Prachi, give us a glimpse of how your journey as been so far? When did you first conceptualize the idea of writing down a novel, and right from it getting accepted to being published, to the amazing feedback that you’ve received so far. Does it seem surreal?”

PRACHI: “I first started writing when I was in std 11. It was like any other day. I have always been a sucker for love stories, and I have always wanted people to feel the true emotions when they read my story, and that’s when the idea came. I started by writing my 1st draft, on the backside of my rough copy. Also, every character in this book is based on real life characters, primarily my best friends, and hence this story, although majorly being a love story, has friendship as a subtheme. So when i had started writing, i had no such intention of getting my work published, but then my Mentor, who had just recently got his book published, he told me that I wrote even better than him. And it was he who encouraged me to get my novel published. And, I thought, Why not?! And with some inputs from my friends, I completed my novel. Also, I was really intimidated by the rejection that 1st timers face. I also, did face 3-4 rejections before i got accepted by 3 publishers, and I chose “The Authors Press”. My parents, though very surprised at first, were very supportive of this decision of mine”

NIMISHA:What has been your inspiration behind the novel?”

PRACHI: “The people around me. Observing them, their courtship period, their break-ups, that has what made me write this story. I always wanted to read a love story which was so good, that the reader felt a strong desire to be a part of that story. Also, the way friendship has been shown in the book, it is similar to what friends’ circle I am a part of. So, yes, these people have been my inspiration.”

AAYUSHI: “Can a parallel be drawn between you and the Books lead character June? How much of June is Prachi?”

PRACHI:  “Yes, it is somewhat based on me. This girl June is shown to be very lively in the book. She would love adventure in her life, and if she fell in love, she would love the person so much, that it would hurt her.  That’s who I am. “

NIMISHA: "So now that you have published one novel, what are your plans for the future. Are you working on something?"

PRACHI: "My 2nd book is coming this month.."

NIMISHA AND AAYUSHI (in unison): "Wow, that’s so awesome!!"

PRACHI: "It is a collection of short stories, called “White Night Moon Beams”. It is also inspired by my friends. I had completed one novel and was writing short stories and had started another novel. In between that time,I got to know that when I posted some short stories on Facebook or any social networking site, my friends read them and they said to compile them because they were somewhat based on a similar kind of idea. That's why I compiled a book"

AAYUSHI: "So basically this was an exclusive interview, which reveals the launch of your new best selling novel"

NIMISHA: "So when is it actually coming out?"

PRACHI: "The work is almost completed, the cover page is done..it would be coming out this February"

AAYUSHI: "Can't wait!! So your path is really unconventional, obviously there would be so many juniors who are aspiring writers. Not everyone has the heart to come out in public and tell people that they want to do something other than engineering. So what advice would you give to these budding writers?"

PRACHI: "Like you said, some of the juniors have actually contacted me for some advice on how do I get time to complete a book or how do I manage to study. They have made me read some of the chapters, which are really good. If they really wish from their heart they can do it. They just need a little courage, patience and hard work"

So, that concludes our tete-a-tete with the extremely talented lady, who has made our college and our state proud with her achievements. It is heartening to see a student, just like us, reaching such heights and having the guts to take a risk and come out with flying colors. We'll be back next week with yet another amazing CETian's interview! Watch out this space for more!!

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