Thursday, 5 November 2015


By: Anshuman Ray
Orchestrated mayhem. That’s what it was. A frenzy of activity motivated by the task of finding ten items very common yet can be easily overlooked. They ranged from something very prominent and hard to get by such as a pair of orange chinos to something very typical such as a white hairband.

All the items!!
The registration started at 10:30 in the canteen and the event kicked off at 12:30P.M . The turnout was very heartening and the list of events were revealed in a dramatic fashion from the canteen rooftop.
And with each alternate item, there is a catch. Like everyone was asked to find bottles with the perception logo on it. The symbol was on the cap which made the item even harder to find.

The pink-teddy man!!

There was a mad scramble for finding the ten items everywhere. When the event was about to end everyone turned a bit desperate for showing up with all the items and there was even a shouting match at the end. Students came up with almost every item except for a few which became the deciding factor - Orange chinos, Pen drive containing the teaser and the trailer of perception. Some tried to pass brown, pink even blue as orange and some couldn't bring both the required videos. After many verifications, here is the list of winners:
Winners and Co-ordinators!!

1st : Soumya Mukherjee, Rohan Patro and Adarsh Nistala
2nd : Debasis Das, Diven Souren and Anupam Samad

Beg Borrow Steal was the first event of Perception and it has certainly generated a lot of buzz among the students. It goes without saying that the event was as amazing as it's co-ordinators: Raksha Subhangini, Nimisha Acharya, Sidhant Sourav and yours truly!! Kudos to the Literary Secretary Anirban Pati for moderating the event. Perception is gonna be huge this time and we can't wait for tomorrow to happen!!

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  1. It feels so gud to witness things getting bigger :D kudos..keep up good work