Sunday, 11 October 2015



May I have a magic wand?
To get hold of your hand.
Or to find Someone like ‘You’,
Because the wait is long due.

Will I ever fall in love again?
Head over heels, and all grief in vain.
Or may find Someone like  You,
Because, memories are fresh and new!

Will I wish for some more spark?
Or  give up , as it gets Dark?
May be I will find Someone like You,
Since happiness and misery come in a queue.

Can we remain friends forever?
May be I know, the answer is ‘Never’,
Can  I just find another  YOU?
Or Thee may send Someone like You.

Would I wish for some more moments?
So that  I would cherish and reserve them.
Or, Is there Someone better than You?
When you say so, its hard to believe You.

Shall I keep on adding sweetness?
To the string, that You wanna untie,
Or shall I sever the  string?
While Someone like You, is what you bring.

Please, lemme have a magic wand.
So that, I could make “me” understand,
That it would take a Lifetime…..
To forget  You and find Someone new,
To find Someone Like YOU!