Friday, 11 September 2015

Wartalap : The Battle of Intellects!!

By: Anshuman Ray
Written By : Pallavi Mohapatra and Anshuman Ray

A discussion is an exchange of knowledge, argument, an exchange of ignorance. And with CET expanding in all realms of intellect, here comes the first mega event of the season - Wartalap, excellently organized by CETADEL on  the 3rd of September. As the name suggests, it is an opportunity to voice out one's opinions on a range of prospective topics; an opportunity disguised in the form of group discussion, of the mass, for the mass and quite rightly by the mass.With online registration and voting for the resolution of the topics to be discussed, Voix managed to assimilate a great number of participants this time. The 3 finalized topics to be discussed upon were:

1. Make in India: Success or Failure
2. Social Media: The new hobby for adolescents
3. Are death penalties strong enough deterrent for terrorists?

The event kicked off at 12:45pm sharp, dismissing all vibes regarding a possibly delayed management. With the proceedings flowing smooth as molten butter, the event witnessed quite a healthy turn-out. The first group went in with the topic on whether death penalties are a strong enough deterrent for terrorists. With raucous chatter charring most of the decisions, a couple of members did manage to make their mark by qualifying for the final, conclusive round. Then after the second group too their seats as well as their topic, Social media: The new hobby for adolescents. Unlike the former group, this discussion proceeded in calm fervor concluding on a stance supporting the curbing of the ever expanding and influential reign of social media on the present generation. The third discussion was conducted in a different venue because of a time constraint, the topic being, Make in India : Success or failure. With Sonika Panigrahi nailing it with unusual verve, the group ended on a note calling the indigenous project a success in the long run. The fourth group were handed the first topic on a cyclic basis which was whether death penalties a strong enough deterrent for the terrorists. What started as a perfect commencement to the discussion, went on to see a surge of adrenaline with some excellent points put forth by most members, the standout being Arghya Pattnaik.

Then came the battle of the best. The tension in the air was so palpable that it was both intimidating and exciting for the audience to see such a war of words. The Last round's topic was "Has Acche Din come for the people of India as Promised by the Modi Government". A topic which has captured the sentiment of the entire nation rocked the orientation hall so badly that even the judges failed to contain the participants so as to keep their emotions in check. The energy of the entire discussion was distributed between two people: Debabrata Parmanik and Arghya Pattnaik. They were relentless, brutal and verbose. These two would have given Arnab Goswami a run for his money. But after a while the judges intervened and suddenly everybody remembered that it was a group discussion!!
Even then everybody didn't get a proper time frame to voice their opinions. At last each person was given one and a half minutes to conclude the topic and everyone rose to the occasion beautifully. Each participant articulated his/her thoughts and the popular consensus was Acche Din would come with a pro-active government and with Mr Modi at it's helm.

The Winners were:
1st-Arghya Pattnaik
2nd-Sonika panigrahi
3rd-Subhashish Mohanty
Special Mention - Soumya Mukherjee

Kudos to the CETADEL team for making the event a rousing success especially the Literary Secretary Anirban Pati, The Convenor Tanuja Pattnaik, The energetic Subhrajit Kumar Bramha and the entire awesome team - Willy Das, Apurva Mishra, Rakshya Subhangini, Tejass Vittaa. Also a huge shout out to CET PHOTOFACTORY for covering the event and staying true to the lens!!    

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