Thursday, 17 September 2015

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

By: Team PenTastic
By Arshi Naaz and Baibaswata Jena

The Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp  organised by ED-Cell, CET, Bhubaneswar in collaboration with EDII, Ahmedabad was held in our college about a week ago to promote entrepreneurship as a career option among students. Many famous and renowed personalities came as guest speakers and shared their experiences with the students for the first two days. The third day was interesting as there was a factory visit to Omfed. So here is a low-down of the entire event!!


The opening day brought in a large number of enthusiasts who were eager to know all about entrepreneurship.The first session had guest speaker Mr. C.R. Pattanaik, the head of EDI, Bhubaneswar. He emphasized on how one can become an entrepreneur and that there are no specific requirements for entrepreneurship.Its your zeal and dedication that lets you achieve your goals.

The second session was headed by ,Mr. Col Ashit Mohapatra, founding member of Milk Mantra and also a former alumnus of our college.He spoke about entrepreneurship in general and said that it’s not only a highly educated person can become an entrepreneur.What one requires is the sense of perception.He also gave some tips on how to encounter the various difficulties which the budding entrepreneurs face initially.

The second session had another famous person, Mr. Shibasis Mohapatra, the joint secretary of TIE,Bhubaneswar.He has a startup named “FIVE ELEMENTS” which focuses on the use of embedded electronics to improve the lives of people.He poured some light on the problems encountered by entrepreneurs in the primary stages of development of a startup.

The first day came to an end after the dignitaries were presented with mementoes as a token of our gratitude.

DAY 2:

An entrepreneur is an individual who seeks to innovate and inspire others. He/she is not afraid to undertake journeys on paths less travelled. He/she is not afraid to take decisions which impact life in varied ways. An entrepreneur is all these and more. And who better to expound on entrepreneurship than an entrepreneur himself. Even before the fervour of the first day had died down, the ED CELL was ready to usher in a day where lessons about entrepreneurship and startup-culture were learnt in the best way possible, straight from an individual who dared to rise above the odds.

Mr.Ronak Kumar Samantray , an alumnus of CET gave his valuable time for this occasion and shared his views on entrepreneurship and the culture associated with it. In an enthralling session, he answered questions about a myriad topics and gave a display of his trademark wit. He remains, as of yet the only CETian to have been recruited on-campus by the technological behemoth, Microsoft. And he reminisced about his days at CET and Microsoft and how hard it was for him to decide whether to continue his job at Microsoft or start-up a company. He iterated that students need to be aware of the conditions of the market,viability of their idea and its marketability before taking the plunge. He said that even though his job at Microsoft offered him stability, he chose to follow his heart and startup his company. His company,Nowfloats,where he now serves as the Chief Technology Officer has received Series-A funding and is rated as one of the most exciting startups of India. Concluding his session, he said that a fixed goal is quite important for success and asked the audience to be clear about their life goals. 

The day ended with a felicitation ceremony where he was presented with a memento by the principal, Dr.P.K.Patra as a token of appreciation for his endeavour.


After 2 days of oral presentation and speech ,it was finally time to experience something even more exciting.Yes and by exciting we mean the field visit to OMFED. The enthusiasts set on their journey to explore this dairy farm.One of the officials welcomed everyone and described in details the various processes in production of milk products starting from the shipping of raw milk to its quality test
and the delivery of the products.

The one room which had a temperature of 5 centigrades was the room which almost everyone found
worth entering at least twice.Another centre of attraction was the unit of ice cream production.Some were really waiting with their tongues hanging out hoping to get the taste of the ice cream from the
farm. The journey to explore the farm was really worth it.

Our honourable Principal thanked the members of ED Cell for such an initiative and encouraged them to keep organizing such events.We hope that this camp will have certainly helped to give a brief idea on entrepreneurship,wiped out certain doubts related to it and also opened a career path for students which will benefit them in numerous ways in their future.

Wishing ED Cell and its members good luck for their future endeavours!!

Photo Credits: CET Photofactory

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