Friday, 18 September 2015

Amuza goes Live!!!

By: Nimisha Acharya
Aao Aao...Natak Dekho!!
A new wave has been emerging all over India, which is none other than "pseudo-feminism". There are feminists who truly want equal political, social and economic rights for women and believe in equal opportunities for both men and women. And then we have the pseudo-feminists who believe in male bashing and do whatever they want because it's their "choice". Rather than women empowerment, these people are bringing shame to women and degrading their name. There are many real life incidents, reports and statistics of women who misuse the various laws of the Indian Penal Code and actually get away it. The hype and hoopla over the recent Jasleen Kaur case and the "My Choice" video led to the consensus that the whole meaning of feminism and women empowerment is getting distorted by certain sections of the society. To make this issue known to the people, the dramatics club of CET, Amuza organized a Nukkad Natak in Pal Heights on the 16th of September.

Our very talented drummer Raman!!
Amuza, which had been dormant for almost a year, came back with full strength with their much acclaimed Nukkad Natak "Adhuri Azaadi" on Independence Day. After this huge success, the final year members thought that this brilliant team should showcase their mettle outside the college too and came up with the idea of performing in one of the popular places of the city. After much discussion, Pal Heights was finalized as the venue. In total, there were 16 members performing, with all of them putting their best foot forward and playing their part with utmost perfection.

Amitabh doing a humorous take on Facebook with Sreekhetra, Souren and Pritish
There were four major scenes in total. The first scene showed how under section 498(A) of IPC, a woman can put her husband and in-laws behind bars for dowry harassment and domestic violence, even if the charges are false. This law is made for women who actually suffer at the hands of their in-laws but more often than not, it is widely misused.
Vijaylaxmi, the scheming wife and Pritish, the soft-spoken husband
The second scene was a take on the Jasleen Kaur case and how social media can act as a tool to misguide people. It was about a girl who frames an innocent man in a false case of harassment just because he protested against her wrong-doings.
Shweta and Ankit fight it out while the onlookers are shocked!!
The third scene was about adultery, the law regards men having an extra-marital affair as criminals but the women doing the same are not considered as criminals under any section of the IPC. It was a light and humorous scene that portrayed a married couple, both having affairs outside marriage. When they get to know about each other's affairs they both consult a lawyer who clearly says that in this case, the husband is wrong and the wife is right!
Sriram and Rashree making plans to hangout in KFC!!
Whereas Sriram's wife Jayshree has other plans with her boyfriend, Souren!!
But it is not always that women exploit the loopholes in the archaic laws. To show the other side of the story, the fourth scene dealt with the extremely sensitive issue of marital rape. It showed a drunken husband torturing his wife and the embarrassment she has to suffer at the hands of the police.
Suraj, giving a power packed performance with your very own PenTastic, me!!
The conclusion was that in order to progress in society, men and women should be considered as equals in all fields. And the whole act was aptly summarized by this beautiful sentence, "We should not compete with one another but complete each other."

Kudos to the wonderful team who gave an outstanding performance inspite of the various challenges they had to face throughout. Each and everyone had an important part to play and contributed equally to the success. And of course, the whole thing came together due to the amazing skills of our in-house drummer, Raman Kumar!! A huge thanks to all the final year seniors who motivated and inspired the team through the entire journey. It would not have possible without the tireless efforts of Abhijeet Tripathy, the constant encouragement from Debasis Das, the endless support from Swaraj Dash, Clinton Senapati, Anish Tripathy, Manisha Balabantaray and all the other seniors who turned up in huge numbers!! A special mention to Ronit Mohanty who captured the wonderful moments so well!!
The Team!!!
This is just the beginning of the journey that will make the Amuza reach the pinnacle of success and glory. The Amuzians will be back in a bigger and better way!! Stay tuned for further updates!!


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