Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A time for choosing.

By: Team PenTastic
Written by:- Bijay Naik, 3rd Year, I.T                                                               

                The dead body of the 3 year old Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi on the Turkish beach has raised plethora of questions to the consciousness of the humanity. It has turned the world’s attention towards the ongoing Syrian civil war and aftermath refugee crisis that the Europe is facing right now; it has also gained sympathy for the refugee from a common European in general and made the gates open for the refugees with a gesture of welcome.

Getting into the Syrian crisis:
                It all started with the revolt against the Syrian Shia regime of the Bashar-Al-Assad in 2011.In fact the critics have complaints on the intention and nature of the insurgency against the Assad regime and have suspicions on the likely funding of the uprising by the western alliance. The current Syrian regime is closer to the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) camp. It was not in the western interest which attempted for a regime change through the instrument of popular uprising which has dispatched the entire region into a state of anarchy. In fact the nature of the uprising against the Assad regime (as a battle ground between NATO and SCO) did provide a ground ready for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and the extremist terror organization like IS(Islamic State).

                Further it would be no wrong to comment that the root of today’s European refugee crisis lies in the evils did by it in the past. In fact there is a great contribution of the Bush administration in the rise of the radical organization like IS in Iraq, which have added the scale of anarchy in the region.
                After watching the aftermath of the Syrian crisis there is a time for choosing for the world community between peace and anarchy, between love and hatred, between peaceful coexistence and mutual rivalries. The so called global superpowers are needed to renounce from their mutual rivalries and must come to a negotiating table for the peaceful and permanent solution of the crisis. It’s the million dollar question which has to be dealt with a measure of priority upon which the fate of millions rests.

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