Saturday, 15 August 2015

Independence Day Celebrations in CET

By: Nimisha Acharya
15th August is the day etched in our minds as the day our country gained freedom from the British. This day is celebrated all over the nation as Independence Day. On this day a plethora of events were organized in the college to commemorate this occasion.

The flag hoisting 

On the eve of the Independence Day, the NSS organized two events – poster making competition and oratory competition. The theme of the poster making was “Morality in National Integrity”. All the posters presented were too fabulous. The winners were Babyshweta Sahoo and Chandni Rao (3rd years, BT). The oratory competition was jointly organized by NSS and Cetadel and the topic was AIDS Awareness. It was a great initiative to take up a topic which is considered as taboo, and to clear all the misconceptions regarding this disease. As rightly pointed out by all the participants, we just need to remove the social stigma attached to AIDS. The judges were Minakshi Sir and Srimant Sir. The deserving winner was Arghya Patnaik (3rd year, I&E). These competitions would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Abhishek Khemka and Rudrakhya Badu, the student coordinators of the NSS. And a special mention to Subhrajit Kumar for all the help!!
The winner of the oratory competition, Arghya Patnaik

The award winning poster on national integrity by Babyshweta Sahoo and Chandni Rao

The morning (for us KCHR girls) started with the sounds of our Nani shouting at the top of her lungs and her unique methods of waking us up, to ensure we attend the events!! This time we anticipated something different than the usual flag hoisting and speeches. The venue was changed and there were lots of cultural events planned out. With lots of excitement all the students proceeded to the Xtasy ground for the grand celebration. After a long wait, the programme started at 9.30 am. The parade (march past) by the executive security was the highlight of the day. The security personnel welcomed the honourable chief guest who was none other than 4-time Member of Parliament and Vice President of BJD, Dr. Prasanna Kumar Patasani. His words were truly inspirational and enlightening.  Then our esteemed Principal Mr. P.K. Patra gave us some great news, our college will be granted the status of unitary university soon!! Independence in the truest sense!!

The executive security

The anchoring was done by Sourav Kar (4th year, ME). The winner of the oratory competition, Arghya gave a speech on morality and development in our country. He asked a very important question, “Are we really independent?”  His speech made a powerful impact and was applauded by one and all. Then the official music club of the college, Arpeggio performed a medley of patriotic songs like Vande Mataram and Jai Ho. Then the much acclaimed all girls dance group, Shangri-La enthralled us with their graceful dance moves. All the thirteen girls were resplendent in their white attire and danced like a dream. Both teams Arpeggio and Shangri-La wowed us with their performances!
The superb team Shangri-La

And for the icing on the cake, the official dramatics club Amuza gave a truly outstanding performance. Their Nukkad Natak entitled “Adhuri Azaadi” covered some important issues. Inspite of almost 70 years of independence, the women of this country cannot consider themselves safe. The transgenders are mocked at wherever they go. Child labour persists in most parts of the country. Even after huge advancements in medical science, people rely on fraud Babas. If a huge majority of the population is still bound by shackles of orthodox mentality and superstitions, are we, as a nation, truly independent? The amazing Amuzians presented all these issues in a very entertaining as well as thought-provoking manner.
The Amazing Amuzians!!

The programme concluded with the prize distribution ceremony and the vote of thanks. All in all, it was vastly different from the celebrations of previous years and the initiative was appreciated by everyone. A huge thanks to one and all who made it possible; the teachers, the final year students, all the performers and of course, the audience!! And a special mention for the guys and girls of CET Photofactory, who always capture the best moments!!
The audience!!


  1. Glad to know that finally the Independence day celebrations graduated from distribution of tiffin packets and speeches, to a list of coordinated events with true and active participation from students. I hope a healthy audience was present from both the hostels and day scholars and not only the early birds. Thanks for this article Nimisha! keep up the good work