Tuesday, 14 July 2015

TOUR BBSR : Bhubaneswar at fingertips!

By: Anshuman Ray
If you are searching for a one stop website to know the ins and outs of our very own temple city, your search ends right here folks! Here is a sneak peek of TOURBBSR.

It all started as a project idea for an android application to Rudrakhya Badu, a 3rd year student of Information Technology. His inspiration was how people know so little about our temples and the difficulties we face when we commute from one place to another in the various parts of the city. The idea took shape and he really wanted to help the common folk with Bhubaneswar accessible at the click of a button.

Transport and tourism were the major areas which Tourbbsr addresses. Almost every major tourist attraction of the city would be listed in the website and android application which would help the people to know about them and it would also facilitate them by giving them directions to reach a particular destination.  Transport is also a major issue, since even though we have transport facilities for crowded areas, we don't have great connectivity for most of Bhubaneswar. The application and website will enlist the different modes such as autos, taxis and buses, like for example it will tell the location of the nearest auto stand if the current location is entered. You can even hire an auto with just a phone call. Details of the auto driver would be displayed along with the phone number.

The location of the various recreational spots such as cinema halls, multiplexes, shopping malls, restaurants which are a great help to the residents will also be listed down in the website as those places grow exponentially. The application and website are still under construction and will be updated with features such as the Yellow Pages(contact information and addresses of all the daily needs and services of driving schools and electricians etc. ), Emergency contacts, the addresses of various government and private offices and institutes etc.

                                                                    THE WEBSITE!!!
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The website was recently launched and is extensively covered by print media. The newspapers praised the website for it's novelty and innovation. With all the features coming into play, this website is surely gonna cater to the common folks living in Bhubaneswar and has great potential in the making the city connected and happening. Bhubaneswar at fingertips, that's the idea!!!

The website: http://tourbbsr.in/

The blog: http://tourbbsr.in/blog/

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