Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A 22-year old due:Hanging of Yakub Memon

By: Dibyasha Mohanty
At a crucial moment when the nation is recuperating from the sad demise of the missile man who placated the cause of India’s military and nuclear capability through development of ballistic missiles and launch technology, the Gurdaspur terrorist attack has played the role of a double shocker. Even then the overwhelming support   for the postponement or perhaps, the annulment of Yakub Memon’s hanging comes as a grave reminder that India is yet to be prepared to fight terrorism. This is because we cannot fight Pakistan-sponsored cum China-backed terrorists unless we have fervent supporters of terrorists on our own soil. Perhaps it seems more sensible to assure Dawood Ibrahim that he will be forgiven when he returns India, than to assure our so-called humane countrymen that there is no cause to be alarmed about Yakub’s hanging.
Yakub’s role in the 1993 Bombay attacks that claimed 350 lives and 1200 injuries is nowhere close to pardonable. His death warrant might not console the kith and kin of those who died, but any leniency in the matter would sure  have them believe that the country’s law is pro-terrorist. What’s worse, it might as well  set a wrong precedent for terrorists determined to propagate hatred and malevolence through blasts and killings.
While there have been similar ‘human-rights’ drama before in cases of Afzal Guru and Kasab, the manner in which actors, ministers and lawyers have come in support of the terrorist is the first of its kind and a cause of concern. What we require now is a policy of zero tolerance for terrorism and a nation-first spirit. ’Humanity‘ is alarmingly evolving into a misunderstood concept that is being misused in support of convicts(not long before now Sushma Swaraj was somewhat, showing ‘humanity’ in support of the IPL fugitive).
The manner in which the provisions of the IPC and Constitution have been exploited to delay the hanging of Memon are a grave reminder of the fact that there are more than one reasons to reform the Indian Penal Code dating as long back as 1834.The last minute mercy petition to Governor, Maharashtra was no substance for review and reassessment, in that it becomes null and void the moment it was presented before him. This is because no order or review stands above the fact that a death warrant has been issued and validated by Supreme Court while a mercy petition has already been rejected by the President. The inexplicable delay in the Governor’s reaction or even the judicial bench set up to decide the fate of his case are absurd  syllogistics on which the 22-year-old due should have been delayed. Therefore, keeping aside all extraneous shoulds and should-nots ,let’s uphold the decision of the Supreme Court and support the cause of justice and integrity. Pakistan, ever since the divorce, has been playing the role of a disgruntled better-half and progenerating terrorists to satiate its never-ending hunger for unjustified alimony.Let’s not make our jails a nursing ground for them. That is to say, if there is no stricter retribution than death for Yakub Memon, so be it.

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