Friday, 26 June 2015

Yulin's Festival : A Celebration of human brutality

By: Anshuman Ray
by the time you complete reading this article, hundreds of  dogs would have been slaughtered. 

The Chinese have never really cared about what the world has to say. You want to say anything, they are going to declare a blanket ban on you. And it doesn't end there. They would find an equivalent substitute run by them and censored aggressively. They can't let any foreign thoughts enter their environment which may cause outrage. Google - Banned. Check. Facebook- Banned. Check. Twitter
- Banned. check. Harry Potter - Banned. Check.

So when there was a worldwide outcry to stop the yulin dog-killing festival, the authorities pretended they didn't hear anything. Because it's not trending in Weibo - China's replacement for twitter. It's not searched in baidu - China's reply to google. Nor it's talked about in Renren - Chinese equivalent of facebook.

For the ones's who don't know what Yulin's festival is, it is a day celebrated to mark the summer solstice festival by eating dog meat. Yeah, you heard me right. Dog meat. Man's best friend since time immemorial. They argue it's customary to eat dog-meat on this occasion. Well this "Custom"
started in early nineties with more than ninety percent of the dog-meat coming from stolen dogs from various homes and farmers. The cruelty they suffer in the name of celebration is inexplicable. Yet, the argument they  give while defending this barbaric culture of dog-eating is - do we have a problem if someone eats turkeys on thanksgiving?

Yeah, we have chosen some animals for our diet. We admit we are hypocrites for that. But hypocrisy has it's limits and certainly  killing dogs as a ritual for sustaining the monetary benefits earned by the dog thieves and whoever is making these inhuman killings happen is monstrous and inhuman.

A pet's role in a child's or even a fully grown person's life is irreplaceable. You might be turned down by your girlfriend/boyfriend, but never your pet dog who is always a patient listener. It was a dog who they took to the space for the first time. Sylvester stallone was shattered when he sold his dog for fifty dollars when he was broke. With his first paycheck he tried to buy his dog back. He fought hard for his dog and finally bought him for 3000 dollars and they both star in his masterpiece - Rocky. There are movies about the bonding between dog and man like in the movie hachiko, The dog waits for his master at the same place for nine years and it's a real tale of incredible trust and belief. In the movie John Wick, Keanu Reeaves wipes out a entire Russian mob just because they killed his dog, which was a sweet and only remainder of a woman he loved because she was dead . Surely Yulin doesn't want that. Relax, i am kidding!!

The authorities should immediately spring into action to stop these brutal killings. The Duo Duo animal welfare project is leaving no stones  un-turned to stop these savage practices. Support the cause for each one of us can sign a petition and make sure our voice is heard. Here is the link. Do sign it folks.


 To all those beloved pets who once filled sunshine in someone's life!!!

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