Wednesday, 3 June 2015


By: Team PenTastic
   Written by:Baibaswata Bijnana Jena

My heart is open to all winds,
Winds that blow, 
Of all hues,
Colours that dot the contours of my heart,
Black,white, red,
Colours speak all the same to me,
Why does the skin matter so much
When the blood runs red
For each of us
Why does my defining feature have to be
A thread that I carry,
Or a cross that I wear,
Why can't it be 
The mind which I hold aloft 
The qualities which form me,
Why does there exist
Rigid walls closing me down.
Why do I be bound in the shackles and chains
Why not have love for all,
Surely the world will be a better place
Free of the afflictions that plague it,
Is it a crime when I revolt against the pseudo-liberals
Or when I try to change the convention
No matter,what be the curse
I will be the beacon
And my heart shall remain open to all winds,
Winds of all hues.

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