Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Modi Vs Kejri: A political comparision

By: Team PenTastic
Written by: Baibaswata Jena

Politics is like chess,every move played out on the board need not necessarily give results at once. Rather, the moves can be considered to be steps leading to a particular goal. Political decisions which aim to repair or reduce damage due to a particular problem instantaneously can be harmful in the long run. But, a set of moves which does not produce a result at once may prove to be a successful one. This analogy can be applied to the current scenario of Indian politics. Along with rapid development in various fields,India has also seen evolution of its political atmosphere. The exit of Congress in the 2014 elections proved that the Indian voters were eager for a change. Similarly, the Delhi election showed that the voters were not hesitant to try new faces and give them a chance to prove themselves.
Though these two victories resulted from similar circumstances yet the paths of these two regimes have taken different turns so far. Arvind Kejriwal came to the limelight for his stand against corruption and for his populist measures aimed to alleviate the suffering of the oppressed. Kejriwal in his second turn at the helm has not really delivered upon his promises. His inexperience in governance has proved detrimental to his interests as was the case during his first attempt. Populist measures when implemented on a large scale without sufficient resources to back them up,fail to achieve their ends and instead result in depletion of the coffers and breakdown of the economic machinery. Yes,they provide immediate relief to the people but in the absence of significant inflow, populist schemes cannot be continued without causing the destruction of the economic machinery. The promise of free electricity and water cannot be carried out as Delhi does not have enough resources to support the scheme. Delhi's water reserves are drying up and the excessive pressure on the existing resources have led to a decrease in the height of the ground water table. Haryana,the erstwhile source is also hesitant to provide water at subsidised prices, as it faces a water crisis itself. The frequent run-ins with the bureaucratic machinery,media and the string of resignations of his ministers have not helped his plans either. Kejriwal has been unable to project an image of being an able administrator.

Narendra Modi on the other hand has been quite astute in decision making. Though the progress on the economic front has not been as expected,yet India has taken important steps in various other fields. India has tried to improve its relations with its neighbours and the progress can be said to be excellent. India has suffered quite a lot in the past due to ill-framed foreign policies but this new regime has been quite active in consolidating India's presence on the International scene. New defence deals have been inked to bolster Indian defence which was suffering due to obsolete weapons and machinery. This is certainly a step in the right direction as the growing presence of China in the disputed territories places Indian defence on the backfoot. Schemes have been launched to encourage manufacturing on Indian shores and steps are in place to implement tax benefits to draw large foreign manufacturers. This will create a huge number of jobs for the Indian youth and relieve some stress on the economy. The BJP government has had its fair share of detractors who have pointed out that the government has not done enough to ease the suspicion of the religious minorities regarding the secular motives of the government. This can be said to be partially true as some legislators of the ruling party have given statements, in the public,which can be said to be atrocious at best. Also the government has not done enough to solve the scams and bring the perpetrators to the dock for their involvement in the same. Economic progress can be said to be satisfactory but the development on the inflation front has not been so encouraging.
The government enjoys a majority and hence can be expected to maintain a stable legislative system for the entire period. Much is expected of this government as they bring in a new way of doing things and the prime minister has ensured that the bureaucratic difficulties be solved. He has promised an uncompromising stand against corruption and the public certainly hope that he will maintain the same through the entire period. The country requires leaders who are not tainted by corruption and are efficient and active. Leaders who are ready to take up issues and work for achieving their goals are required to further our country's progress. And the present government has begun with a lot of promise, promise which can be turned into tremendous success for our country. The citizens of our country need some succour to ease them over the economic troubles and it is our fervent hope that the current government will be able to provide  the same.

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