Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Just a Moment!

By: Team PenTastic
Written by:- Pooja Pattnaik

A moment to cheer and smile,
A moment to dream a while,
A moment to love your Love,
A moment to aim at your Goal.

Just a moment your Way...
Can justify your  Day..!
Just a moment of Shine...
Could be worthy, your Lifetime.

A moment's crush,
Can make you blush..!
A moment's fear,
And low confidence you bear!

Just a moment to realise ,
Your love for your Best-Friend.
Just a moment to wonder,
Why your heart got Broken further!

Just a moment to ponder,
Falling for him was no wonder.
A moment in a Lifetime...
And the feeling is so Divine...

A moment can change a lot.
Equations of people and positions got!
A moment of Concern and Care,
Brings Hope, Expectations and Despair.

A moment of Touch,
Is difficult to forget, so much.
A moment  of Spark...
And Life may go bright or dark...

A moment to see Sparkle in your eyes,
Won't be missed, if he is Wise.
A moment to Face the Truth of Life;
And you obtain the strength to Survive...

Just a moment your Way...
Can Change your Day...

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