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By: Team PenTastic
“It always is harder to be left behind than to be the one to go...”                                                                                 

                                                                                                            ― Brock Theone

Adios to The Awesome Team!

Time passes by in the blink of an eye! Few months back these were our very own seniors who introduced us to this wonderful blog and here we are now bidding adieu to them. Gone through ups and downs of their college life, they not only saw the emergence of CET Rising but also made great impact in various fields in the college. Alas! Time has come for Farewell!


By: Pooja Pattnaik 


The Queen Bee: "Do the work properly man!  and Have Fun"


My best moment in CET would be when I met my friend Gaurav . Its was actually a fight. I was talking in Odia and he was talking in Hindi! Ultimately the fights found no solution and after about a month of constant arguments and fighting we became friends . So that would be the best moment. There are many other good moments too, but this was the best.


I can't say that only one particular moment was worst. There were lot of experiences which were really bad and I would never want them to repeat. But then one observation would be the worst in this place where I found that girls are thought to be so much different from the boys which i don't think is the case here. Girls are actually interested to do a lot of things. Though now the situation is improving here but I would like to see a lot of more changes , like I would really want to see people who deserve to take positions should be given the responsibilities, not restricted by certain limitations like the person has to be a boys hostelite to be the Secretary or Placement Coordinator.
Similar situation, a girl is called a G.R here whereas a boy is called a C.R. Why should she be called a G.R when the boy is being called the C.R? Both should be C.Rs .


I want to do something new and on my own. I don’t want to be guided or bossed by anyone.
I want to be an entrepreneur and want to start my own business by the time I turn 30. Before that I want to earn a lot of money, have a lot of fun and travel a lot. After that also even I will travel a lot and eat a lot!
Immediate life after CET is that I am going to Mu Sigma and will be preparing for CAT and GMAT.


I would say what I have learnt here , you are never short of oppurtunities if you keep looking for them. You will always get some of them. So obviously you have some duties and responsibilities for yourself.  You have to get a good job , or get to a good place for higher studies. But you also need to have a lot of fun and know your friends and have a good time here because you are not going to get these 4 years back.
Be responsible, know what  you want to do in future and have fun.


Not exactly a regret, but I think I would have wanted to do a lot more as the Literary Convener. I tried my best but I think my juniors will do better. I hope when I come after a year or two, I would find the changes that I wanted to see.


I think all clashes are memorable because you don't usually get rid of them from your mind.


By: Sidhant Sourav


The Boss: "Finish Your work a Day before the deadline"

How has been your experience as one of the core members or should I say the face of CET Rising?

Oh really!! …the face of CET Rising..(laughs out loud) well that’s flattery…I hold CET Rising very close to my heart, it’s like my child, we that is me, Sradha and Pratikshya have seen its birth and growth..and now it is flourishing with such lovely juniors like you. The experience has been surreal…it has given me tremendous confidence especially when it comes to managing things.

How has Jessica Mohapatra changed as a human being from 2011?

How have I changed??...hmmm (thinks aloud), I am very short tempered and was at my extreme form in 2011, in my 1st year ,I was impatient and wanted instant results…but now with 4 years gone I have toned down as a person ….I am still quick to anger and cannot tolerate any injustice but I have become more patient and have learned that change will happen but in due time .

We have known you as someone who is multifaceted and creative. Is there something which is still in store and yet to be revealed?

Very few people know that I am very emotional… ‘Strong on the surface but not all the way through’.. I look confident and independent but people close to me know how much of their support do I actually crave for, I have been through ups and downs but always have been supported by these positive people.

Your experience in the college has been…?

Well…met a lot of people some good, some bad, there are some ‘who are all smiles in front but hold daggers behind their back’ as I found out recently.. I have learned to be a better judge of character; I have learned to work in a team (team CET Rising) as ultimately it’s the team that counts, I unlocked many hidden talents that I didn’t even know ever existed in me like debating, writing and anchoring.

Any incidents over this span of time that you might want to brag about or anything that is funny that you can narrate to your friends ten years down the lane?

My 4 years in CET have been a mixed palate …I have had my shares of happy and depressing moments … my ‘vanity bag’ experience in 1st year with Biswajit Sir….my awful odia has landed me into trouble with a lot of faculties I used to say ’tame’ instead of ‘Aapana’ to teachers….1st year picnic will always be special…1st year fresher’s…organizing Beg Borrow Steal…managing CET Rising all these I will carry with me ….a bag full of memories.

So, finally… What expectations do you have when it comes to the future of CET Rising?

I would like CET Rising to keep Rising…..and soon CET Rising should have a weekly newspaper section along with the blog but I know that will take time…till then may the phoenix of CET Rising fly high.


By: Dibyasha Mohanty

The saviour: "Dara ni re...Mu Achi Pa"

Well, to recollect, there are too many. To be specific, it was in fourth year when we organised the various events of Litreat, Perception and Xtasy. There were some great moments that are to be cherished for a lifetime, and bring a smile on my face every time they come to my mind. Then there was the CETADEL Farewell in which I came to know that everyone thinks of me as an important part of the college, of CETADEL and that gives me immense pride.


During third semester, results were not out. We ran errands between Principal’s office, BPUT Office, to HODs, faculty and everyone else we could go for help. After much toil, we got our result. But it was still worse as some of my friends had failed in some subjects.So that’s one of my worst moments in CET that I can recollect.


Right now I don’t want life at CET to end. Anyways, life has to move on so..I look forward to TCS, the higher studies, probably MBA. Although, this time luck didn’t favour but obviously luck will strike and I will go ahead with my plans.


I never  treated anyone as my junior, always treated everyone as friends. This is because I never see age, but work as priority. Work has to be done by everyone in the club, together as a team. But still I would say- “Be dedicated, have passion and try to bring out the best in whatever you do.” I would love to see my juniors doing better than what I did.


CET Rising was one of the best things to happen in CET. Nothing was planned though. When Bakshee Didi and Priyambada Didi asked me to join CET Rising ,I went ahead but I never thought that it will grow too big. However CET Rising grew, we inducted juniors, we continued writing and gradually it proved that it is ‘ rising’.


By: Nimisha Acharya

 The Bold And Beautiful!


Well, when I first came to this college, the very first good thing that happened to me was I got a very nice group of friends, instantly bonded with Alisha, Vijayeta, Trishla, Arjyama, Ritika and Debasmita. The first thing when you come to CET and see the infrastucture and the quality of education, you are like "Oh God, where did I end up?!". But if you have a gang of friends, it becomes easier for you. All thed fun things you do with them overpowers the lacuna you find in the college. Apart from that, I was Miss Fresher. So 1st year was really good.
Then I joined Cetadel and also entered into the dance group, Encore. Cetadel has been the best part of my college life and Encore was a nice experience too as we got to perform in TV shows, other colleges and flash mobs. Then I joined Amuza and won the best supporting actress at a state level competition.
In third year, I started taking studies seriously and started improving in my branch subjects. From a 6 pointer with back papers I became a 7 pointer,clearing the backs. I was involved in a lot of extra curricular activities outside college and people used to hardly see me in college.
Then fourth year, the best year of my college life. We organized Xtasy and Perception separately. For the first time, the cash prizes and certificates were given on the spot. I won so many prizes. Placed in two companies. Life's good!


Each and every moment of 7th and 8th sem has been special for me. In 7th sem, I got placed in two companies, TCS and Accenture. No other moment can beat that. In 8th sem, the fests Xtasy 2K15, Perception 2K15 and the Athletics meet have been unforgettable for me. The Athletics meet was the very first one in our college and I am glab to have won two medals.


I just recently had one, when you guys invited me to give the invitation card for the Cetadel farewell and I thought that itself was the day on which we are going to have our farewell!


First of all, I am going to miss CET. It was frustrating sometimes, but after spending fours years in an institution with such amazing friends, seniors and juniors I would definitely miss each and everything. As for life after CET, after organizing so many events and fests, I feel as if I have an inclination towards management so I have plans to enter a good MBA college. Most probably I'll be joining Accenture now and if not now, I'll go for MBA after a job experience of 3-4 years.


To be very honest, that is the last club I joined in this college. I have not been able to give my 100% to Rising and I feel very bad about that. Hats off to the juniors because of whom the blog is running smoothly. Initially I was a bit active, sharing posts and all. Personally I have done 1 or 2 articles. The best part was taking interviews during the fests this year. We interviewed the Prinicpal, Purushottam Panda Sir(VP, Maruti Suzuki India) and Debabrata Das(Tata Steel). Going to them and representing CET Rising blog was a great feeling. Even they feel good that the students of their college have grown so much. Though we started off late as compared to established blogs like Monday Morning of NIT, we are close to them.


Well, I have never been a typical "studious" student in my college days. I have always been into other things. But it doesn't mean I have neglected my studies. So I would say that study but that should not be the only thing you should be doing in your life because after you get out of CET, you have to face the real world.  I have seen people who have spent their 4 years completely devoted to studies facing lots of issues and getting stressed out in the real world. In fact many 9 pointers do not get through interviews, because of lack of extra curricular activities. You have to convert your theoretical knowledge into actions. Don't be monotonous and stick to just studies. Try and balance both.


By: Aayushi Jajodia

The Perfectionist!

It has been four years that you have given to this institution and there must have been lots of memories, both fond and not so fond. So looking back at those memories, how would you describe your journey in CET so far?

My journey in CET has been a roller coaster ride. It has been a memorable journey. I have got the world’s bestest of friends. It is almost to the extent that they are more than family to me. To name a few, Vinnata, Ipsita, Sadhana, and, Shalini, and being with them, they have helped me grow as a person, and made me a better person. I don’t think that I will meet such wonderful people in future. The way they pamper me, the way they take care of me, when I am ill, they never let me miss my parents, in a way, the college is a second home to me. Now, that I think of it, I am going to miss this place more, than I ever missed my home. Also, being a part of CET Rising was a liberating process for me. It made me more independent as a person. On the downside, there have been some conflicts with some people, some of which are still unresolved.

Okay, now that you have summed up your journey in CET so far, is there any particular memory that stands out as the best memory?

One best memory, which i am sure many others will share, is getting placed in a good company. It was a memorable moment for me. Other than that, on a personal front, there was this gig last year. My birthday falls on May 26th. Last year, our sems ended on april 25th. And all of us were supposed to go back the next day. However my friends, Shalini, Ipsita and Sadhana stayed the next day, and they celebrated my birthday in the grandest way. It was exhilarating, and totally unexpected.  Every moment spent with Vinnata will also count as the best moments of my life, she is a very important part of my life, and she will always be. I love her from the bottom of my heart. All the night-outs that we have had, all the scooty rides, and the crazy gossips, it all stands out.

And any memory of your worst experience in CET?

The Labs! Teachers gave me a ‘B’ in the labs every time.  I don’t know why. No one gets a ‘B’ in labs. I think I am the only one in my entire branch who got a ‘B’. Another bad memory would be that one time when a branch subject which I am very good at, and which every one of my branch mates had learned from me,  and as it later turned out, it was only me who got a back in that subject, which was unbelievable.

Now that you are passing out of CET, what are some of the advices, or tips that you would like to give to your juniors?, as you are way more experienced than us..

Enjoy!  Life will be amazing. For me, personally, i was never interested in engineering. I was more inclined towards art and literature, so my first year was horrible. I felt like a fish out of water. Still it did work out amazingly well for me. So, if you always wanted to do engineering, well and good, you are in a very good college, however, if you were not that inclined towards it, it will work out for you. So, make great friends. Have fun. Bhubaneswar is a capital city. It’s a very good place. I love it. Street food is good. Participate in all the clubs and other college activities. It will really help you in unimaginable ways.

One last question. You got placed in IBM. Congratulations!  So what are your future plans? What about life after CET?

Right. Thank you. As of now I will be continuing with my job, as well as will be preparing for MBA, as I always wanted to get into a really good management institute. I really want to work for discovery channel. Let’s see what the future holds for me, but I will try to make the most of it.

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