Sunday, 28 June 2015


By: Team PenTastic
Written by: Arshi Naaz

21st century, supposedly the generation to bring about a great transformation on the face of the earth is where, WE, the self- proclaimed highly civilized and utterly modernized beings dwell. We fondly name it as the era of globalization. With our reasoning capability and vast knowledge of science, we know we can easily distinguish between the reasonable ones and others which we can take for granted.

News Flash:  Are we really “Modern”????

Few days back it was on air that the handsome star of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor was expected to tie the knot with Mira Rajput, a student from Delhi soon. But now people have a problem. They say a 13 year age gap is too much. They cannot lead a happy life if they marry.
Oh so now I know: To be happy what matters is the age gap and not the love between the two people which brought them together. Strange!!! The fact that they like each other doesn't have any existence in front of this age gap.

Superstitions doesn't always mean blind beliefs. It refers to all those thoughts of ours which don't allow us to have a broad outlook. Acting as such we not only hinder our progress but also pull other's legs and bring them to the same level as us.

Kalki Koechlin,a famous star from B-town was sexually abused at the age of nine. And then people abused her for "SPEAKING HER MIND OUT".
Hasn't she got the Right to speech??
“How can she talk like that?” , “Oh. Again…she is a sympathy seeker” and many such monotonous assumptions popped up as always, didn’t they?
The reason she gave was that people shouldn't feel sorry for her. She wanted that others who have undergone similar circumstances should not lose hope. Instead they should be confident enough to talk about it.
When molestation, sexual abuse, physical torture and various social evils have engulfed our society, how can one think to be free??

People should open up and work together to remove this social taboo because
              "IT'S OUR CHOICE"

Hasn't God gifted everyone one and a half kg of brain??
When someone is blessed with it, one should always try to use it efficiently. To think reasonably and not just be swayed by other's thoughts is what one should do. But then most of the people are as sheep that follow the flock aimlessly.

Our Constitution has granted us the 7 Fundamental Rights. When we say it’s for the citizens of India, it clearly states EVERYONE. Everyone has the Right to Equal Opportunity to express themselves and their thoughts within certain limits as set by law. And we hope by “Everyone” it also includes the women in our country as per the dictionary meanings!

It's certainly "ANDHA KANOON" but not "INDECISIVE KANOON".
People do hope to get justice even after years of crime which happens only in our INCREDIBLE INDIA.

"Think reasonably, act accordingly". That should be our motto. Everyone has the right to enjoy the liberty for which our country was made independent.
After all India is secular, democratic, republic and the government is:

"Of the people, for the people and by the people".

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