Monday, 1 June 2015

Animal Dissection!

By: Team PenTastic

Written By:

Srutee Rout

Biotechnology, 1st Year

Dissection is the process of disassembling and observing something to determine its internal structure and as an aid to discerning the functions and relationships of its components. It is derived from the Latin word " dissecare" which means " to cut to pieces". The term is most often used in the dissection of plants and animals , including humans. It is a medical practice utilised in pathology and forensic medicine during autopsy.

Animal dissection is a wide practice which has continued since the ancient days. But nobody is concerned about the population of the animals which is declining at a rampant pace. As we all know that we are living in a technology savvy world , we can create a 3 D representation of an animal  body for the detailed analysis of such body parts instead of dissecting them. Though these kinds of facilities may take time to reach to the whole of India , but atleast it is a step forward for saving the innocent lives of animals which are being tortured and their lives being sacrificed in the name of research.

There are many ways to understand the anatomy like we can create PPTs, watch videos with step by step instructions and use 3 D movie. These processes will definitely give us an idea about the internal structure of animals. If it's for a human anatomy , does anyone kill HUMAN?  But every day the harmless animals are killed mercilessly on a large scale. Why such  heinous crimes against them? Are they not the creatures of this world ? Just because the animals are voiceless does not mean we can kill them. Is it a mistake to take birth as Animal?  Humans have got no right to take an animal's life. Its  their world and they have come first in to this world and after that humans, so dissecting an animal for our benefits is totally wrong and it must and should be banned without any doubt.

Dissection in University makes sense only for those who will be doing surgery. It should not be something for sadist. And even for the surgeons, that should not be  done in a haphazard manner like throwing them half cut to wither in pain, dissection should be very much planned such that they can learn maximum from minimum damage. Most of them who will dissect will not be docs/ vets. There need to be different means to dissect. Plastic layered model can be used instead of dissection. Dead animal meat used to feed non veg people can be used to show how flesh is cut.  What more, go to a butcher shop and try out dissection for those who are so keen!!! But stop dissecting the tiny creatures of the world.


Dissecting the dead animals sounds permissible but the live ones? Not quite justifiable. Advanced technology can be used as an alternative . Time has come to ban the dissection of live animals . Today, we are living in a high - tech world and the world of artificial intelligence. We can create dummy animals and even human body with all vital elements like fibers, plastic and synthetic materials for dissection purposes.

Nowadays , similar knowledge about dissection can be obtained through computer software and computer animation and simulation methods. No need to kill animals for this purpose. Only in medical college dissection should be allowed.

Though practical knowledge is necessary to understand the subject well but taking the lives of innocent creatures is not necessarily important. Science is working faster , so it can definitely find an alternative if dissection is totally prohibited. What is the guarantee that students will pay attention when they are dissecting?  They cram in all they can just before the examination days. So, it's a waste killing these animals. It's cruel and does not serve the purpose. 

Just for the sake of eating and studying , a living being should not be slaughtered , dissected or be made to go through pain. There is an alternative to everything. Nothing in this world is indispensable. Once the ban is strictly executed, I am sure medical science will come up with great alternatives to simulate the dissection of living animals. Unless people are compelled to think about alternatives, they won't do it. Bring on the ban and we will see the change in medical science' s methodology to understand the anatomy.

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