Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!!

By: Anshuman Ray
By - Pallavi Mohapatra

I shut my eyes
and huffed heavy sighs.
My palms i fadged
my emotions i badged
"Do miracles exist, o lord"
A divine light intensified
With that, the former concepts got crucified
She stood there, beautiful and steady,
Glistening in the dark with her eyes beady
The familiar visage left me dewy eyed,
"Mom, its you!", I happily cried.
The veracity finally dawned upon me,
The oracle lying bared for us to see.
There is a lone tangible wonder,
A "Mother" , there i no fonder.
So here i end with a tiny hum,
"Happy Mother's Day, dear Mum!!"

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