Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Shade

By: Team PenTastic
By Pallavi Mohapatra


I was treading on a road alone,
When I heard behind me, a rusky tone.
I turned around to find emptiness,
Bewildered, heading into wilderness.

In search for the unknown beyond,
I ended up reaching a gloomy pond.
With the twilight adding to the eerie scene,
I found myself, all the more keen.

A sudden breeze made me shiver,
The immediate owl hoot made me quiver.
The clouds cleared to reveal the moon,
I thanked God for this unexpected boon.

Through the stillness, I heard paddling,
That was indeed, really startling.
A cold voice announced, "The time has come",
The firmness made, my body go numb.

The boat soon reached the shore,
Making my heart beat, all the more.
The hooded figure got off,
And advanced, with a heavy huff.

"I am the Shade, your salvation,
here to end all frustration.
The world is being put at a stake,
A drastic action I'll soon have to take."

"The reigning evil is promising a war,
No power comparable can be at par.
So here I am, your salvation,
To save the planet from putrefaction."

My eyelids opened to the known space,
With streams of sweat running down my face.
Remembering Shade's dreary eyes,
I glanced around to make myself realize..

That the Inferno lying on my table bare,
Had been serving the key to my nightmare.