Sunday, 5 April 2015

IT'S MY CHOICE-So is the consequence

By: Dibyasha Mohanty
"One is not born but rather becomes a woman"-Simone de Beauvoir,The Second Sex
The much hyped video of Deepika Padukone by Vogue sends a powerful message.Moderately flawed,but yes,powerful,and power can both create and destroy.Here,the destruction howsoever meagre,the telegenic has  done to the cause of feminism is something to be reflected upon.
 This is because we live in a generation where people do not have the time or inclination to understand and interpret the message to filter its acceptable fragments,especially when it is coated with glamorous poetry.Moreover you have Deepika Padukone with all her charisma chanting a set of most conclusive words-It's my choice.The words sound entertaining but feminism is not entertainment,it is the will to speak up for yourself as well as on behalf of millions of women fighting an existential crisis.To be able of being heard by billions is a power that is too utile to be wasted.So when you speak make sure  to lead a man to think that the society is not his sole domain-this is feminism.I, myself being an ardent feminist,an uncomfortable with the video the moment it crosses the line between personal life and public.
 For a society where character is measured by length of the woman's dress,the line-"my choice to wear the clothes I like,even if my spirit roams naked", stirs up a hornet's nest.Although a superficial contemplation of the line would render it a sense of crudeness,it actually reinforces the fact that a woman's dressing sense is her personal territory.Indeed.
 The video speaks against the obsession with size 0 figure,the reluctance to accept LGBT rights,female subjugation and social bias--so far,thumbs up.However it gradually crosses the line between feminism and adultery when it talks about "sex outside marriage".Choosing sex before or outside marriage is your choice,so will be the consequences.Relationships are founded on love and maintained by loyalty,of course from both sides.Women empowerment is not the ability to defy that loyalty but to demand it from your better half.Women empowerment is not sexual autonomy,but the refusal to have sex when you are forced into it. 
Life can't be run by choices,it never did.It works on the principle that actions have consequences.The wind has to blow irrespective of its choice,the rivers have to flow irrespective of their choice,the earth has to sustain life irrespective of its choice.This is because nature demands it.If the healthy functioning of the society demands conformation to certain commitments,it has to be.Again no commitment should enthrall the dignity of a woman.
The black and white video portrays an innocent attempt to reinforce women empowerment.I applaud its intention,the confidence that underlines the words-'It's my choice' and the effort to justify the individuality and independence of a woman.However feminism is not female chauvinism.A slight cross-reading of the lines might lead misogynists to believe that women tend to misuse their freedom.As it is,there is no dearth of male chauvinists who are ever critical of the female uprising that an enlightened century has brought with itself.
 Again let's not lose the bigger picture and continue with the struggle to establish gender equality until it exists both in ideology and practice.This is because a woman might not be the universe,but she sustains it and withholding her shall bring the entire universe under threat.


  1. Dibyasha, this is a superbly written article!!.. (y) (y)

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  3. Looks like women are already empowered!! Great going Dibyasha :)

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