Sunday, 12 April 2015

Astrostar-A Momentum Of Glory

By: Team PenTastic
By: Sourav Soumyajit

12th of April is celebrated as international day of human space flight or cosmonauts day for Yuri Gagarin made it to space for the first time ever on the same day in 1961.So with the completion of 54 years of the day of glory for space science and technology is described the Gagarin saga through my words......
"-ASTROSTAR-A MOMENTUM OF GLORY"...(A tribute to Yuri Gagarin)

Yuri Gagarin

"in my triumph against gravity, breaching the barrier of astonishment, waltz in the charisma of          integrity,
and quintessence broke the imprisonment"...

Shattering the horizons,cherishing the limitless and enticing mystery of exploring the orbitary motion,setting the glial &pumping the adrenaline on a high,making the people rub themselves off on him,feeling the spine-chilling and riveting crimson glitters,defying the unbeatable gravity and suddenly coming out as an international icon:- all these dreams saw themselves drift on as the thunderbolt cosmonaut took a revolutionary flight beyond imagination with a set-piece goal of exploring the space.

The night of April 12,1961 witnessed the historical achievement as Yuri Gagarin became the first ever man to make it beyond the boundary of the planet,uttering,"let's ride,let's drive...let's go...!!!" Indulging in a heated war of excellence for space exploration with USA, finally the Soviet Union stole the show as Yuri revolved around earth aboard for 1 hr & 48 mins in Vostok-1 spacecraft.Once interested in ice hockey & basketball,little did the man know that he'd be the instance of eradicating the scientific stumbles someday.

Born in Klushino,Russia,suffering the heat of Nazi war and working at the banks of Volga river for extra money Gaga completed his technical studies in 1955 and post graduation in 1957;showed interest in serving for air force which quickly earned him the post of senior lieutenant in the Russian war-force. Glorified with his intellectual approach,brilliant memory and mental stability Yuri made it to the  top 20 for the journey of space in 1960 followed by earning the top spot on the basis of votes.

In his post flight interview,he felt very relaxed & answered every question recalling the feelings of weightlessness & suspension in space !His reputation though faced a bit of controversy for his,"I saw no God there" statement. Serving as the fighter pilot and deputy general of the cosmonaut training centre Yuri passed away on 27 march 1968 at an age of 34 due to an appalling plane crash after getting an outdated weather report through the dataset....

The span of life never matters,what matters is what you achieved that's what yuri had proved after all....
in a loving memory of Yuri Gagarin on the occasion of Yuri's night......

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