Monday, 23 March 2015

You will be dead next month...


Written by:- Ankit Mishra

So here we present one of the next six articles after top 3, written for the Nibandh- essay writing event of the Litreat week.

To my marshmellow,
By the time you read this, I will be long gone. Just wanted to speak to you for the last time. Before saying anything I wanted to apologize earnestly for whatever I have done to you my little girl. May be I could never get hold of the fact that my marshmellow had grown so much the my suggestions were an intrusion. I… I just couldn’t…
You were my princess always. The day you opened your eyes in this world, and your little hands played with my muzzle. The cracking laughter , lit up the entire house. That was a day probably in many years that I shed a tear. You filled up that tiny void in my life which gae it a new dimension. But at the end, I was the one for your pain, your suffering, I was the one responsible for all the tears you shed. I was the one.

I miss you so much ,darling! We, we both were each other’s strength. Happiness, pain, suffering we enjoyed everything. Even pain was sweet with you. After your mom passed away, you were the world to me. I was your father, mother, friend, boyfriend… The outings on the beach, playing disc, running and dancing in the rain. You remember your fascination for lollilops!… Still brings a grin on my face.
Yet time never stops. People grow, they develop, their mindset changes. But , I never did. I was the same person always and you remained my marshmellow. I thought you to always be besides me, seek my advice and always be my little girl.  I could never eliminate the adjective “little”.

My hand shakes, I am old now, and in my last moments, I have no control on my tears…
I am sorry when I rebuked you, when you confessed your love for John. I am sorry I couldn’t evolve over the fact that love has no boundaries, neither social nor financial. I am sorry I couldn’t understand your love. I was selfish. John was a mere clerk and you , a princess. I was blinded. My heart aches when I see my hands which hit you. Love is eternal, love is priceless was hard for me to grasp. I know you left me and I have no complaints. You being happy always is what I always wanted.

As a predator hunts down its prey, my past hunts me down. I have nothing left. Just a last wish that you forgive me and I be buried along with all the photos I have of you and me both. Especially the one in which we both sit by the cliff. I will always feel connected. I cannot help this desperation but…  but I cannot  live with it too.
I love you marshmellow,


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