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Xtasy 2K15: Day 1 and Day 2

By: Nimisha Acharya
By Nimisha Acharya, Aayushi Jajodia, Anshuman Ray and Pooja Pattnaik

Xtasy 2K15, the annual cultural fest of CET-B started off with a bang on the 27th of February. The first 2 days was filled with various events and activities, be it the sack race, or the flash mob, or even the face-painting competition. There was a huge footfall, as students from different colleges took part in such events.


Venue:Architecture dept lobby

Saswati Dash
1st yr,Biotechnology

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and soul. . ." The musical event "Goonj" echoed in the hearts of the audience as the event started and became viral. The event was coordinated by Mr Shubakanta Udgata, Mr Raman Kumar and Mr Sarthak Mohapatra and judged by Sir Sandeep Jena. The event was held in a single round and each participant was provided with a maximum time limit of 3 minutes. The event had both eastern and western categories.

The winners are: 
Eastern Category: 
Winner: Neha Jagannath 
2nd position was bagged by Bhabana Sahu and Kiran Bharati 

Western Category: 
Winner: Neha Jagannath 
2nd position: Sangita Pathal and Saswat Sundar Nayak



Pooja Pattnaik

“ If you have the zeal to act, Come showcase your talents and participate in the On-Spot Theatre Event!”
Reflex is the on-spot Drama completion performed in teams by selecting a particular topic through chit system. The organizer for Reflex was Pratikshya Sathpathy and coordinator was Debashish Das. The Judges for the contest were Mrs. Meera Vishwavandhya , Mrs. Runu Das and Ajoy Das. All teams performed wonderful acts but the 1st prize was given to the team named GOONJ from KIIT University, and Team DURDANT (Anish, Vinnata, Ankit,Jyoti, Swayan Siddha) of our CET became 2nd .


Baibaswata Jena
1st yr,I&E

“Show your extraordinary dancing skills”
Dance forms an integral part of culture and in its various forms provides spice to any occasion. On the first day of Xtasy, dance was presented by dance troops who faced off against each other in an event evocative of the one presented in the Step-up series of movies.Four dance troops faced off against each other in the preliminary round.Three troops-UDT,UDA and our very own SRDA qualified for the finale where after three gruelling rounds, UDT were declared the winners.The event was well coordinated by Rajesh Ranjan Mohanty.

 The evening saw the inaguration ceremony of Xtasy 2K15 by the chief guest Mr.Ashok Panda with the lamp lighting and a welcome song by the students. The formal welcome was given by the President of the Student's Union, Mr. Siba Prasad Panda and there were speeches from our Principal,Mr. P.K Patra, the chief guest Mr.Ashok Panda, the chief speaker Mr.P Panda, the General Secretary of the Alumni Cell, Mr. M Pradhan and the Cultural Secretary Mr Swadhin Baral. The vote of thanks was given by the PIC of the Cultural Society Mr. Kanhu Charan Bhuyan.

After the formal events, the event Udaan was held in which little kids from Pratibha Ashram enthralled us with their beautiful dance moves. Then our very own Soul Raisers Dance Authority(SRDA) mesmerized us with their thematic group dance. Last but not the least, we had the amazing singers from our very own Odisha, R.S Kumar and Rosalin. The extremely fantastic anchors of the evening were Viswa Ranjan Pati and Megha Kar, Adyasha Mohapatra and Sayed Afif, Samidha Ratho and Swastik Nanda. And that concludes Day 1 of Xtasy 2K15!!

DAY 2 

Day 2 kicked off with an array of events like dance workshops, competitions, and various fun events and back-to-back quizzes.


Arshi Naaz
1st yr,Biotechnology

"Dance toh ek puja hai,dance ek art hai art." Well CET provided some budding KALAKAARS a ground to develop this KALA within them.The event had a turnout of around 50 dance enthusiasts who were all full of vigour and were prepared to follow all the moves that was being taught by the contemporary teachers Sandy Sir and Anil Sir along with FSDC{Free Soul Dance Conservatory}.The event was co-ordinated by Sandeep Bal.This event was really a huge success because of the positive feedbacks that we got from the participants.


Arshi Naaz
1st yr,Biotechnology

Everything seems to be incomplete without music which is in our veins.And when it comes to band performances,our feet automatically starts to groove giving us vibes and asking us to ROCK N ROLL.The event was co-ordinated by Om Mishra,Shubhakanta Udgata and Sarthak Mohapatra.It was a tug of war between DAY 23 and The Highway Jammers.The performances by both the bands were really astounding.DAY 23 served its purpose very well and was declared the winner.


By:Nimisha Acharya
Xtasy bas teen cheezon ke wajah se chalti hai.. entertainment, entertainment.. and you know the rest!! The quizzing event EtCETra promised to be all that and much more. It had questions covering the world of entertainment ranging from the alter ego of Lady Gaga to India’s nominees to the Oscars, minimalist posters, and what not!!

The event was organized by Cetadel and CetQuizzite and coordinated by Bidit Mohanty and Zignesh Biswal.Out of the 45 teams that came for the prelims, only 6 teams crossed the barrier and made it to the grand finale. After a really tough competition, the winners are:-

1st: Navodit Gautam, Siddharth Mishra, Sreeja Shambhavi (KIIT)
2nd: Neha Jagannath, Sidharth Samant and Alisha Rout (CET)

A tie in the 3rd spot between
Team Quizbull Mujahideen: Baibaswata Jena, Debabrata Pramanik, Suvam Palo(CET)
and Team Here For Beer: Raman Kumar, Santa Nibedita, Anshuman Ray(CET)

Other finalists were:
Siddhant Mishra, Simran Singh, Debasish Lenka
Sarthak Sahu, Gayatri Murmu, Ankita Parida.
The team behind EtCETra


Sourav Soumyajit
2nd yr,I&E

The coordinators of Khelzilla

 Finally it's time for some heated up strings of excitements to shatter the long wait of sports-craze through the fortress of quizzites.Khelzilla's back & this time in a bigger and brighter way. The event kicked off sharp at 2 p.m. in B-407 of mechanical block co-ordinated by Mr.Abhishek Dash,Mr.Sachikanta Mishra,Mr.Soumya Behera & Mr.Amit Mahapatra.This scintillating quiz show saw some sports masterminds indulging in a heated war as 32 teams dug it hard for glory in the prelims.The questions were mind boggling & the participation was encouraging.An entertaining event wandering from Dortmund to Madrid,Kasparov to Balotelli in which 6 teams qualified for the finale. The winners are:- 

1st:- Navodeep Gautam & Siddharth Mishra,KIIT University
2nd:-Debabrata Pramanik & Baibaswata Jena,CET
3rd:-Anirban Pati & Biswa R.Mishra,CET


Srutee Rout
1st yr,Biotechnology

" Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another".
Well when we think about dance , the first thing that strikes our mind is movement of hands and feet.
The event "Dancing Feet" was the solo dancing competition organised by the Dance Authority. It was co-ordinated by Sandeep Bal and the number of participantss were nearly 10. It started at around 3: 30 and continued for about an hour in the Conference Hall. The judges were Sandy Sir and Sandeep Bisoi sir. The first prize was bagged by Tulika and the second prize by Swayam Swastik Das


By:Aayushi Jajodia

Price it Right, a game, where you need to guess the price, to get the price. It was organized by the E-Cell, and the coordinators were Vikas Verma, Rajashree Behera and Pratikshya Satpathy . The event witnessed a humongous turnout. The 1st round consisted of about 9 different products, showcased on a projector, and the participants had to guess their prices and put it down on a piece of paper. Products ranged from Harley Davidson Bike to KFC chicken bucket. Also, there were 3 bonus rounds for the audience. Based on this, some teams got selected for the second round and the finals will be held today.

And just when you thought it could not get any better, the evening of Day 2 exceeded expectations. The formal anchoring was done by Biswanath Nanda and Akankshya Mishra. It included the inaguration, speeches by the esteemed guests, including the speech by the guest of honour Mr. Sanjay Das Berma.Their words were really motivating. Also there was the choir group from our college who sung various inspiring songs ranging from Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi from Swades to Baar Baar Haan from Lagaan.

The informal anchoring was by none other than our beloved CET Rising members, Jessica Mohapatra and Sidhant Sourav! Their bantering and jokes entertained us throughout the evening. Both of them were too good!!

Do The Hustle, the inter college dance competition was held at 7.30 on the Xtasy stage. Mindblowing dancers from all over Odisha came to prove their mettle. There were two teams from IGIT,Sarang, two teams from CV Raman College of Engineering, one team from ITER and of course our very own team SRDA. The battle was not easy but SRDA conquered it and won the first prize. The second prize was bagged by The Invaders from CVRCE.

But it was not done yet!! After the fabulous dancers, it was time for the entire college to dance to the beats of DJ Willy from VH1 Supersonic. The crowd was enthusiastic and swayed to the beats of the DJ. And a superb evening was had by all !!!

Stay tuned to CET Rising for the grand finale of Xtasy 2K15!!

Photo Credits: CET Photofactory

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