Monday, 23 March 2015

Women Empowerment Workshop

By: Aayushi Jajodia

It is not a lesser known fact, that there have been certain traditional stereotypes meant for women in our country, or rather universally. As long as they follow these guidelines, they are supposedly safe from any trouble as such. However, as they do try to break these rules, and step out in the outer world, they face opposition. What should they do then? Is remaining silent, wrapping up the matter n a hush- hush a solution? NO. To raise one’s voice against the discrimination, to come out in open about it, to be able to report it in front of the concerned authorities, to DEFEND oneself from such attacks. This is what should be done! Precisely, the last point was what was dealt with yesterday, in our college.

A “Women Empowerment Workshop” was organized at C.E.T. on 21st March 2015. Self Defence Training was given to girl students by four trained professionals from B.P.S.P.A. (Biju Pattanaik State Police Academy) in the presence of D.S.P. rank officer in the Orientation Hall. The timings were from 12 am to 1:30 am. Poster Making Competition was being held simultaneously as well. The event witnessed a huge turnout, as many of the girls willingly bunked classes in order to attend the seminar.

The orientation hall was well equipped, and there were proper arrangements made in order for the smooth commencement of the event. The event took off with a minor speech succeeded by an informative PowerPoint presentation. This presentation highlighted, in a very straight forward manner, what precautions must be taken in order to keep trouble at one’s arm’s length. Well categorized into portions such as, safety while travelling alone, safety at home, and/or, safety at public places, the presenter, explained each and every point, stating minor examples here and there.  The thirty minute long presentation was in fact, so knowledgeable that the audience listened to it with rapt attention.

After the presentation, the professionals, one amongst them being a green belt, practically showed us the techniques of some basic self defense measures. The main point that they made, was that rather than the strength, it was technique and the presence of mind which would help a woman to defend herself in the face of danger. They showed us various mannerisms in which an attacker could try to attack us, and how to defend ourselves in every such situation. Some basic moves included everything from hitting the attacker below the ears with the palms to attacking the most sensitive parts in any man’s body, i.e., his eyes, and groin.

The best part was when they called the students up on the stage in pairs to replicate what they had just taught. As they later explained, and rightfully so, one does not realize the true potential of quick- paced, technically correct move, as opposed to muscular strength.

This workshop, apart from being informative, taught, each one of us something more, it taught us how to help ourselves in a situation where most of the women generally find themself helpless, and yield to submission.

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