Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Unethical Parliamentary Show

"South ki  mahila jitni khoobsurat hoti hain... utna hi unka figure zabardast hota hai", says the 67-year old politician.
Now if you all are confused, as to what I am indicating  to..  This is a parliamentary session of Rajya  Sabha where Mr. Sharad Yadav , member of Bihar's Ruling Janata Dal United was speaking on the Government's bill for Insurance Reforms.

And out of the blue, he decided to give the wonderful example, by comparing foreign investments to  Indian obsession with  fair skinned. And trying to describe the figure of South women, claiming them to be dark but beautiful.
Remorseless Sharad Yadav refuses  to apologize in Rajya Sabha for giving such sexists comments . Does he deserve to be in the Parliament?
And all the others MPs who  clapped and laughed at his comments, are these our leaders?? 

    The Rajya Sabha MP saying,'' South Women know how to dance" , feels that every discussion in Parliament need not be serious. But what is the point of bringing such uncultured disreputable comments on women during a session for insurance bill!!  The worst scenario was when most of the other members laughed and enjoyed the remarks and only a few objected the same.

    If  he being such a senior leader of the Indian Politics can talk about women in disparaging ways, then what do we expect from the rest of the people. May be he wasn't serious while making such remarks but the most important question is, why does anyone need to make such immoral comments and actions , that too in a parliamentary session for insurance bill??? When the people who lead the country have such clumsy mindset, then where do we head to...!

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