Sunday, 8 March 2015

She's a Human.. Not a Devi

By: Sidhant Sourav

8th March 2015, got up from my bed and unfolded the newspaper neatly racked beside me. "Happy Women's Day" read the paper. And i folded it back and kept it there after reading the other news items. Why didn’t I read it??

time to forget about this!

"Women are great..They are mothers...sisters..they work day and night for us "

From childhood, we have grown up with the idea of the image of a woman being associated with that of a mother, a sister, a daughter or even a goddess. The question remains..... Do we really need this imagery? Or is it just a vague portrayal of our so called “Indian” culture? Can’t we respect a woman just for her individual existence? This stereotype of women serving people, making sacrifices, is something which needs to be eradicated first. A woman’s existence is way beyond than just this. She is a human first. Like every individual she has every right to choose what to do. One needs to understand that a woman is not meant to serve a man’s needs. She is as independent as a man is.

Sure!! Why not? :P

I am not here to propagate how great women are or what all they do for us, because as a matter of fact we all know that; And certainly not about the great women of our society since everyone talks about them. It’s time we take out time for the ladies who are just like us, normal and average. It’s time we respect them.

Our Indian culture reveres women as “devi”. They are meant to be “worshipped”, “protected” and “cherished”. Ironically it’s the very same subcontinent in which we have female foeticides, women raped and blamed for retaliating against it (let’s keep this topic for another day) and were girls aren’t allowed to go out in the name of protection. The point to ponder over is if all men are so concerned about the “protection” of women, then who is the one who is going to harm them? And so the question arises, do women really need our protection?? Or is it just that we want to curb them down in the name of an unsafe environment and anti-social elements. True, crimes against women are rampant, but putting them in the walls of a room. Are they really safe even within the boundaries of their homes?

They don’t need our protection, they don’t need our help. All they wish from us is acceptance. Accepting a lady as equal to us can give her a world of confidence than trying to “protect” her. They don’t need you to fight against goons for them. They wish to see you accompany them to the Police Station to lodge a complaint. It’s time to change our mindset. We need to get over this age old fascination of women draped in long sarees, serving all the members. We need to accept a girl, dressed in shorts, earphones plugged with a tattoo going out to pubs with her guy friend. That’s her right and she’s entitled to do so. 

We needn’t idolize women. It's more about ideals than idols.  They needn't be superhumans or heroines. They are independent earthly elements who have as much right to do anything that doesn’t harm anyone else as any man.
It’s time we, the men, respect them in the real sense; their choices, their interests, their desires, their dreams. 

She’s not a devi…she’s a human!!! Time to Respect that and admire the beautiful ladies existing in our life!! 
To all the ladies reading this!!!
 P.S : Apologies to all the ladies of KCHR since i couldn't add The "in-time" restraint due to length constraints.

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