Tuesday, 17 March 2015

NIBANDH-“You will be dead next month"

By: Dibyasha Mohanty

Guys,hoping that the memories of the literary week events haven't faded yet.As promised,we bring
before you one of the  impressive  entries of the literary week event- Nibandh which missed the top three positions just by an inch.Good going,Gunjan Sharma

Woody Allen had once remarked,” I am not afraid of death. I just don`t want to be there when it happens”. As they say, there is no right time for death. Every mortal tries to escape the inevitable and fails invariably. The eternal separation from loved ones, mystery of what lies beyond has imbibed fear and doubts in our minds. It does not help much when you know the literal deadline is exactly in a month. To exit the play of life in the fourth stage itself leaving the rest three unexplored would certainly not make a happy ending but then again there is no right time. The very opposite of death is birth, coming into the world, the planet, the society and the ones who have been waiting for your arrival. In a month, I would like to revisit all these aspects of my life. Indeed I will be born again. I would like to explore the world in whatever short time I have, the places I have always wanted to visit, to Rome and Florence-the heart of renaissance, to Leh-the adobe of Himalayas. On a beach I would carve my name in sand and watch the waves wiping it off .Knowing about your imminent death would add value to my travel  for  “selfies” and updates will not be of much importance.”Carpe Diem” will be the motto. The importance of anything is known when it slips through your fingers and time will be no different. Also  I would like to live many lives in a month, that of a monk lost in devotion, a roadside hawker, a tea garden worker- part time life, you’ll call it. The ultimate futility of human life will dawn upon me  and hopefully I’ll be free from all the mental hesitations and fears and do things I have always wanted to procrastinate- talk to long lost friends and teachers, recount how life has been a joy, write an email to an author of the book I last read. Finally, when the d-day arrives I’ll place my head in mother’s lap, surrounded by friends and family.
                                                           ‘’ This is how  the world ends
                                                              This is how  the world ends
                                                               Not with a bang, but with a whimper’’.
Who knows I’ll close my eyes to open them elsewhere or may be I’ll just be the dust in your eyes. But I’ll know that before I died, I lived fully. If you say “valar morghulis” (Every  man must die) my reply is  “valar dohaeris“  (Every man must live first) .  

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