Wednesday, 18 March 2015

NIBANDH: The past, present and future of a rape victim - who is to be blamed?

By: Anshuman Ray
Written By: Dibyasha Mohanty

Here is one of the thought-provoking write-ups which came very close to making it  to top three in NIBANDH but missed by an inch. Here it goes.......

The topic is almost a platitude today. So common that you get a plethora of views on it. Ask a question to an elderly villager or a policeman and you get an answer- "aaj kal ki ladkiyan kam kapdon mein" . A Delhi student would reply saying "The perpetrators of this henious crime are confident of either going scot-free or getting a minor punishment". But the core of this never ending discussion calls for identifying the mistakes and rectifying them. That easy? Huh?

The irony is that-It isn't. If its the society that causes girls "wearing slumpy clothes", if its the society that says ''ladkon se galti ho jati hai", and again if it is society that says "mere punishing the criminal would eventually result in getting rid of crime against women". Then let me call for a reality check. Yes, it is indeed the society that is responsible for the crimes such as rape and molestation of women.

A recent survey conducted by ScoopWhoop involved asking individuals"Would you marry a rape victim?" The answer, not so surprisingly, that  80% of the people gave was a diluted 'No' followed by self explanation. No explanation is however sufficient enough to justify the "filtering" away of rape victims from mainstream life. They end up being examples of what short dresses can cause, or as charity cases deserving a momentary piteous look by us(educated generation).

It's an irony that the crime is not considered to be heinous enough to deserve more than 7 years of imprisonment. Why is the victim the core of infinite controversy and moral policing. When it's the second week of February, we have Bajrang Dal and Hindutva advocates patrolling almost every park in the city, parking lots, malls and every nook and corner with sufficient space for a couple to stand.
But when it's an innocent women asking for help, she is greeted by self-preserving indifferent attitude of the society. This is because its not only the police in the bollywood movies that posses the stubborn habit of arriving late.

Needless to mention, crimes do not always take place in closed doors. They can take impudently in broad daylight as the murdering of an eye-witness of the Asharam Bapu case. Crime does not involve the act itself, it also involves flawed views of hypocritical people which spread around like a virus.
One can worship Sunny Leone through their television sets and PCs, but cannot spare a thought of marrying a rape victim.

If asked to divide the life of a rape victim into three parts- past, present and future, I would describe the past as a life of vigour, dreams for an embellished future, a life of unharnessed energy and confidence to win over the entire world. The  present is a life equivalent to death in which there is no soul to mourn except that of the victim herself. The future designed by not the victim herself but the society formulating several theories and examples. The divide between the three is distinct and firm, and it involves innumerable deaths which are single-handedly by the victim.

Yes, we have examples of people standing out against rapes with a righteous view, both of the victim and the criminal. Such examples are however as minute as a lone star in the midst of vast darkness. To be optimistic, we can only hope that a single ray of light would suffice to wipe out at least a portion of the surrounding darkness. Presently future of a rape victim is glaring darkness. But, perhaps there will be a future of the society where there will be a thaw, a deluge of anarchic, misogynistic outlook, that will set into motion a wheel for the revolution and evolution of mankind.  


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  2. never realized while writing that i had made so many grammatical errors..:(

  3. Sadness is that, in our society a raped woman is mor insulted instead of the rapist one..

  4. N ur article is awesome.. Too Inspirable

  5. ur article is excellent,…superb,..marvellous,,…………………………but according to me I don’t think the society is the reasonable answer to be blamed….it contains good persons as well as bad persons..and we are directly dependent on society….its like an insult or discredit for blaming the good persons.. …………..but,,..,. ….ur article was gud..no offence..