Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Moral policing in India

By: Nimisha Acharya
Written by Yogesh Kumar

As promised earlier, the six best entries other than the top 3 of Nibandh would get the coveted opportunity to get their essay featured in CET Rising. So here is one of them, by Yogesh Kumar on Moral Policing in India.

 Sometimes, names and terminologies tend to create a lot of thoughts, emotions, confusions, illusions, delusions and a single tunnel to discharge the actions which may or may not be helpful for the society. “Moral policing” is one such term which is a huge pot-boiler in our country. Again going by the words, what is moral? Morals are self infused thoughts, emotion, actions and qualities which tend to distinguish between a civilized and uncivilized society and a decent society from an indecent one. Therefore moral policing becomes a name for those actions which tend to act as a custodian for one’s moral. Unfortunately, the custodian here is another person, not the person himself who ultimately makes the meaning or definition of moral null and void. The self inducing aspect of ‘moral’ is no more considered.

Going by the present trends and style of moral policing in India, the situation currently is undesirable, barbaric and nonetheless useless. Specific groups of people wearing the dangerous masks of religion, culture and tradition to hide their shameless fares resort to manhandling physical and verbal abuse of young and middle aged mass who tend to maintain a romantic and lovable intimacy with the people of opposite gender. Couples are forced to marry sometimes on the spot which stands testimony to their growing bullying nature. It’s a matter of tragic shame and surprise that people who show a feeling of love and affection are abused and tortured whereas terrorists, rapists, and murderers are given free parole and proper evidence is required to punish them, otherwise he escapes free of punishment. Recently, a MP was caught watching obscene videos during a Parliament session. Nevertheless, it is these political parties who provide financial and legal support to moral police groups in order to win the votes of orthodox people and groups.

Due to the growing incidents of torture and abuse in the name of moral policing, there are many suicide cases also in various parts of the country. These groups try to invade others’ privacy in the name of religion and tradition. But if we turn the pages of history, Kamasutra – The Art of Love Making was first written by Indians and that also during the period when the Western world was busy making scientific discoveries and quests. The religious pundits and gurus blame the Western culture for reasons too complex and beyond the scope of this paper. No religion or culture ever teaches violence, abuse, domination and invasion of privacy. Every scripture gives utmost importance to love and compassion where propagation and preaching should not be stopped at any level. If these groups could stop an individual from taking or giving a simple or small bribe, it would be the greatest act of moral policing which would take our country to great heights rather than unleashing hell upon young mass which would incur nothing but a hell lot of shame.

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