Tuesday, 3 March 2015

And the Show ends with a Bang!! Final Day!

By: Sidhant Sourav

With the help of Arshi Naaz, Srutee Rout, Baibaswata Jena, Yogesh Kumar and Nimisha Acharya's Laptop!!!

And the Grand Festival finally comes to end!!!! From Perception to Xtasy, this year saw some brilliant events, performances and awesome work by the CETizens. Catch the actions of Day 3 here....as we end the extravaganza with a bang!

Agent: Arshi Naaz


If u know the price,get the prize.That was the only requirement for this event.Your general knowledge will let you win.Okay so what could be the estimated cost of our Art Gallery???
If you had known this you would have certainly made it into the finals.This event did test how keen a viewer you are and how well you are updated regarding the technological world.
Now tell me what's the cost of the Golden Toilet Paper,of 1gm of antimatter,of a sq. feet area on moon????
This event saw a huge turnout of 150 participants out of which the well-informed 20 participants were lucky enough to make it into the finals.It was co-ordinated by Mr.Vikas Verma,Mr.Anubhav Routray,Mr.Shrijay Nayak, Miss Pratikshya Satpathy and Miss Rajashree.
The results are:
1st prize:
Tarashish Mishra,Soumya Ranjan Mohanty,Sweety Mohanty
2nd prize:
Nikita Chowdhury,Sabyasachi Mohanty

Agent: Arshi Naaz

A social dance form which got its name because of its spicy and hot connotations.Its all about movement of body parts be it the waist,shoulder,arms but at the same time shifting weights is a great challenge.
The teachers:Anil Sir,Sandy Sir and Andrew Sir taught various characteristics which included timing,basic steps,turns,attitude and the way partners hold each other.It had a huge turnout of around 100 salsa enthusiasts who were all ready with their partners to spin,roll and lift.
The event was co-ordinated by Mr.Rajesh,Mr.Surya Prakash and Mr.Sandeep Bal.This dance workshop was really a huge success since it witnessed the vigour and zeal of this participants to learn each and every step to sway with their partners next time of their own.

Agent: Arshi Naaz
Blind Date
Venue:Parking Area

"DATE":the first step that leads us to walk in the path of love.That special moment which you wanna live the most.You know the guy/girl you are dating and also about each other's likes and dislikes and accordingly adjust to the situation to let go your evening flawless.But what if you don't even have the slightest idea who will be your date???
Yes that's what happened yesterday evening.With a huge turnout of around 70 participants,the co-ordinators Mr.Shubhrajeet Pradhan and Mr.Sujan Mishra wisely swapped the partners.What followed was an on-spot challenge being given to the couples with which they had to express their love and win the hearts of their dates.The crowd enjoyed a lot.Some of the participants took this challenge very well and were successful to woo their unknown partners for a date and luckily could make into the Top 5.They are
1-Rohit Sharma and Viny
2-Basta and Akansha Panda
3-Ashima and Afif
4-Sameer and Clara
5-Bishal and Sagarika

Agent: Arshi Naaz

The duet dance competition.When it comes to dance in a pair,the competitors have a different zeal.Each couple wanna do the best.Each step and moves has to be matched so that its perfectly called a "JUGALBANDI".
This event had a turnout of 6 participants and was co-ordinated by Mr.Sandeep Bal and Mr.Surya Prakash.Each dance form like classical,contemporary,jazz and salsa was well performed by the participants.The judges were spellbound and the viewers were dumbstruck by the moves of the performers.
The judges Sandy Sir and Anil Sir very well did point out the faults in some and gave complements to the deserving.And as the saying goes there is no substitute to hard work,the winner of the competition was
Ipseeta Panigrahi and Risha Agarwal

Agent: Srutee Rout
Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a different type of game which can have one or more players who try to find hidden articles locations or places by using a series of clues.
This can be an indoor or outdoor activity. But well in Xtasy, 2k15, CET-B it was indeed an indoor activity. There were huge numbers of turnout in the event i.e. 60 teams each team comprising of three members. The coordinators odf the event were Tanuja Pattnaik, Tejasvita, Anirban and Alisha. But with great efforts by all the teams fortunately two teams could make way to the finals. The first prize was bagged by the team ABC of which the members are Sibani Padhi, Sanjana Mohanty and Manas Ranjan Nayak. The runners up were Adarsh Nistala, Shivani Das and Priyanka Panda. Special mention was given to the team ‘Aame hi treasure lootibu’ and the members were Sraddha Suman Mahapatra, Gourav Sharma and Yogesh Kumar. The venue of the event was B-407.

Agent: Srutee Rout
Nukkad is a form of theatrical performance and presentation in outdoor public spaces without specifying paying audience or commonly known as street play.The play is all about the daily life of people and connects them with social issues. The basic part is that one can play multiple roles in the same play and the dialogues are of rhythmic type. This play is mainly enacted in groups but can also comprise of two or more than two members. The languages used are local like Sanskrit, Tribal etc. The play was coordinated by Vivek Vikash Pattnaik and Ankit Mishra. The judges were Srimant Sir and Shashwat Sir. There were five teams in this play. The first prize was bagged by the Goonj Team from KIIT and second by Anubhuti Group from C.V.Raman. The plays by both these teams were very interesting and theme based.

Agent: Yogesh Kumar

Paint Ball
The most exciting game of Xtasy 2k15 was brought to CET by Lara Bhai.The game was the living version of the famous counter strike pc game in which students were given vests,costumes,helmets and guns to experience the live thrill.Over 15 teams had registered for paintball which was organised by Xtreme Territory,a Bhubaneswar based company.The workshop area yesterday had turned into a battleground.

Agent: Yogesh Kumar
Body Zorbing

Again the deadly combination of Lara Bhai and Xtreme Territory provided a fun filled event in the form of body zorbing where students were inserted into a inflated plastic sphere and were allowed to duel in the arena.Nearly 30 breathtaking duels were witnessed infront of architect building.

Agent: Yogesh Kumar
Gully Cricket

Mousam Panda and Suman Mahanta brought the most popular and favourite form of cricket on the stage of Xtasy.Yes,the gully cricket with tennis ball was played over by nearly 35 teams which surprisingly included both boys and girls.The winners were Techno Tigers from boys side followed by killers 7.In the girls Bio technocrats emerged winners followed by Girl power.

Agent: Yogesh Kumar
Playing football the CET way,is what all CET footballers aspire for.Thus to cherish the aspirations ,the Sujan Mishra brought Futsal in which a cross college team consisting of Satya from civil 2nd year and Parakh Tripathy of 1st year,civil along with two outside students stole the show.

Agent: Baibaswata Jena
And The Final Show Begins!!!!

The last day of xtasy brought its share of enjoyment as the acts lit up the stage. First up was the introduction of the guests of the evening- some of the illustrious alumni of our college. It was followed by felicitation of some of the achievers of our college.

The mood of the crowd soared with the start of Francesca- the fashion show in which the students walked the ramp wearing creations of the budding designers of our college. The garments were a showcase of eastern as well as western design elements. The models swayed down the stage to the accompaniment of music and cheers from the crowd. This was followed by a dance performance by the dance troop from our college. After the dance it was time for our beloved final year seniors to present their dance performance through which they bid adieu to this institution. Their performance was geared towards increasing the humour quotient of the event and they certainly succeeded in their efforts. After their performance it was time for the main act of the evening - the performance by Underground Authority.

The band delivered a spectacular performance as the members captured the mood of the audience perfectly and belted out a medley of chartbusters in their unique style. They followed it up with a single from their album," Kash meri girlfriend ".It brought everyone on their feet. With this concluding act,the fest was brought to a close. No one likes the good things or events to stop but this year's fest was a promise of things which will follow in the next session. Its true that we will be without the fourth year students but we will have a new batch of juniors who will certainly play a part in continuing this annual extravaganza, that is the Xtasy.

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